questionsis budk hunting me?


I used and haven't heard from them since....


As a fellow Bud I just wanted you to know that an email went out about not bothering you anymore. We all ignored it.


@tarasadies: I've done that. They came less frequently after that. I'll probably need to sign up again for my new address, though.


Because of that, I no longer buy anything from them. I never got the free knife and they generally sell crap but it's cheap so I can only complain so much.

As for the catalogs, I call them and ask to be removed from the list. Yeah, it's a hassle but has been effective.


@first2summit: Do you remember which number you called?


Some companies put a comment on their mail, "DO NOT FORWARD. ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED." Then, the Post office send the mail back to the sending company with the new address of the customer. The company actually pays extra for this service.


Call and be super aggressive. Don't completely take it out on the rep cause it isn't their fault...they've always been super appreciative and cooperative when I've called in to some company angry and taken a second to make sure they know it isn't directed at them.

Basically just tell them what happened and that you feel your privacy has been invaded, since there's no way that they should have gotten your new address, and demand that they stop all further communication. Threaten legal action if you feel like it.

They really should have stopped sending at your first request, so the fact that this would be what, your third time asking? It should give you a good case.

If all else fails, check their whois, see if you can find a corporate number. It would be a great place to file a complaint and or report harassment.


As @cengland0 mentioned, companies can request an address correction for you from the post office, even if your mail wasn't set up to forward. This is ostensibly to prevent wasting postage sending mail to someone that no longer exists at a certain address. With that being said, per their privacy policy, they "may use the personal information we collect through", including when orders are being placed, to "to contact you with special offers and other information we believe will be of interest to you" and also to "to improve our marketing and promotional efforts." This is standard when all orders are placed on their site. If you or anyone else is receiving their catalog that does not want it, I am sure you can contact them at or at 1-800-543-5061 and they will take you off the mailing list. Please let me know if you have any further issues.


@thefenst: So I called the number and asked to speak to a CS rep. She got me off of the mailing list in under 30 seconds. 'Tis a shame I spent almost a year trying to figure this out when the solution was to 'call and ask nicely'.

Either way, problem solved! Thanks, people!


Oh, and it turns out I was registered under two different names, one of which CatalogChoice took care of months ago..


@1298ty: I am glad that they were able to help you.


@1298ty: Sorry - I was away and didn't respond in time.

For others, you can call the 800-number on the catalog that you'd use to order. They can take care of the request.


@1298ty: Problem solved? Hmmmmmm.....for now, maybe. :) Hopefully for you it's over permanently.