questionsdo you return your 3d glasses?


I paid for 'em, they're mine.


I have NEVER returned them. If I'm paying that much, im keeping them.

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Ours aren't required to return, but they have the recycle boxes everywhere. I always recycle them cause seriously why do I need 10 million glasses.

The only ones that I keep are the specially designed for a specific movie.


I used to always keep them, then I realized they ended up just being more junk lying around my house and car.

Now I'm returning them until I have a reason in my to start taking them again.


I kept them once on the notion that I could pay for another normal show and use them when sneaking in to the 3D show.
Never did it though.

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Our local theater discounts your next 3-d movie if you bring your own glasses back from the last movie. The glasses are supposedly one of the reasons they charge more for a 3d movie, so they recommend keeping them.


Is there a limit on the number of pairs a person can have before they are considered a hoarder?


No way Jose-bot!

You charge me more for a 3D movie, which costs you minimally more to shoot and show. Those glasses are MINE baby.

I like the idea of discounting if you bring your glasses back. But the discounted ticket BETTER be the same price as the NON 3D version :P


We used to recycle them. Now we're collecting them. A relative of ours got 2 pairs of glasses free with his 3D TV. We've collected four more pairs for him. Soon, we'll be getting two more. Why pay $10 or more per pair for good ones when you can get these for practically nothing?


I don't think I've seen a 3D movie since Avatar, but I'd keep them too.


I always return them. I don't have a 3D set at home, no plans for getting one. It'd just end up being clutter before getting thrown out.


am i the only one that is completely flabbergasted by how many people keep them? I always returned mine, i never once thought they were mine to take home!


@omnichad: Unfortunately, very few 3D home theatre systems use the same technology as the cinema in order to project their 3D imagery. As a result, the glasses used at most theatres (which use opposing polarization) won't work with most 3D TVs (which use alternating shutters synced with the refresh rate of your TV).
But if they happen to have a projection TV at home that uses polarization, then by all means, grab the theatre glasses!

And why do I like to keep the glasses? I make 2D glasses out of two pair... By removing a left lens and placing it in the right lens of another pair, I can go to 3D movies and when I get sick from the motion I put them on instead of the 3D pair, so I can see everything flat without it being blurry, as opposed to the way a 3D film normally appears when you take off your glasses.

I believe Thinkgeek even sells 2D glasses for that exact reason... Yep!



I kept one pair, just so I wouldn't have to keep using new ones, and it didn't work for the movie. I'm not sure if they're "keyed" or what, so now I recycle them. Why keep them? It's not like I can use them around the house. I did keep the pair my son got when we saw Finding Nemo because it was the first movie I had ever taken him to, so they were more souvenirs than anything.


@curtise: I never thought of that. Fortunately for me on the rare occasion I do go to the movies, my friends also dislike 3d, but occasionally it's the only one we can see. 3d doesn't actually 'bother' me, but I do prefer 2d and I think I'll have to me make a pair. Thanks for the tip.


@wootfast: They charge a premium to cover the fact that it is 3D, and costs them more money to show, but then "ask" you to return the glasses to them. Why not toss $1 my way or something to pass on the savings?


@curtise: Actually, a lot of 3D TVs use Passive 3D, and are fully compatible with the glasses used in Cinemas.

Passive 3D is less likely to produce the eye-strain that some people complain of (there's no flicker), you don't have to worry about charging and synching the glasses, and is much more family friendly - you can have a pair of glasses for everyone without breaking the bank. (My father bought an LG Passive 3D set so that he could watch 3D movies with his 8 grand-children at the Holidays).

LG and Visio make well regarded Passive 3D sets - I believe some other brands also ave Passive 3D models.


@wootfast: don't 'own' those are 'renting' them.
I'm all for bringing my own snacks into the theatre, because, seriously, there's no way that you can possibly expect me to believe that the $4 for the pop or $5 for the popcorn is to help offset the price of the $10 movie ticket.
I do really like the idea of the theatre giving you a discount (even if it's a $1) for the next 3d that you bring your own glasses back to. I think this is there way of saying: We know that you steal these glasses anyway, so just bring them back with you next time and we won't have to buy new glasses to keep replacing all the ones you kids steal.


I always return mine to the recycle bins. I never really thought about it, just assumed that if people take them when the theater isn't expecting them to, then eventually that would be yet another excuse to raise ticket prices.


@sgrman05: Nonsense - the "rental" fee is more than they pay to buy the glasses in bulk. You are paying for the glasses, they're yours.


@sgrman05: The bin at my theater says to put my glasses in there to "recycle" them. That clearly puts possession with me. And they don't cycle them straight back out to be used - they go back to be cleaned and repackaged.


@trishlovesdolphins: There are two types of common theater 3D - IMAX and RealD. IMAX uses colored lenses, while RealD uses polarized lenses. It's possible your theater has both - mine does. Of course, you'd know if you went to see a movie on an IMAX screen - you would have paid an upcharge.


I'm pretty sure the bins outside the theater say "Please Recycle". It is like going somewhere that sells a lot of aluminum cans. It is better for the environment and the theater if you don't just throw them in the trash. Keep them if you want, recycle if you are only going to throw them away anyway.

Edit: I was reading/typing while omnichad was...forgive the repetition.


OP you're lucky it's just $11. Here, AMC is $11 for regular price and $14 for 3D.

I don't bother returning them for multiple reasons. For the first year or so, we didn't have to pay the 3D charge if we brought a pair we saved. They're meant to be cleaned/refurbed in some way and then repackaged, yet I would regularly open a fresh package that had scratches and fingerprints on them. After that first year, AMC wouldn't discount the price even if we had our own glasses. They fell back on the argument that the extra charge covers the people who don't return the glasses. When I complained that made no sense considering I was trying to reuse glasses that had at that point been used by me 4 or 5 times, the manager said the charge covered the cost of 3D projection.

The main reason I don't return the 3D glasses? I don't waste money seeing anything in the theatre unless I'm REALLY interested in it, and I don't bother seeing anything in 3D


@sgrman05: It's all about the money.
The folk who made and own the movie expect a alrge percentage of the gross of ticket sales. The cap on the first two weeks of movie opening are often pretty darn high.
The snacks and such are profit for the movie theatre. Sometimes even that can get 3rd partied out, and the theatre manager doesn't have to employ anyone. He just hires a concessionaire, who cuts the manager in.
And yes the glasses are a ripoff, and it's just more profit. You paid more than they're worth. It costs less to "recycle" them than to buy them. There's no receipt. Just money flow on one end, and a writeoff on the other.


Every thief rationalizes why it is OK to steal.