questionsitems missing: between the coho hotel and theā€¦


Was it that $14 or $15 one from ebay that looked fishy? I'd guess it got taken down. Someone commented that it's typically over $100, and the ebay company had a rating of zero.

My guess is that it was just too questionable.


@jxliv7: Guidelines for posting deals from eBay:
The deal should be Buy It Now, with 10 or more items available, from established retailers with great reputations, a long history of selling and that have stores on eBay. Individuals are not allowed to post, link, or otherwise profit by posting their eBay listings on Deals.


@faughtey: ah..... i had a suspicion it was a little shaky - price-wise, new seller, and from Australia, too - thanks for explaining.
i'm still flamboozled that it appeared and disappeared a couple times while i was commenting and looking - musta been caught in a deletion + editing time warp from the powerful Woot servers.