questionsbathroom remodel: contractor questions



This really destroyed the confidence we had with the contractors and we are trying to get out of the contract. They were just about to start putting all our new stuff into the bathroom, covering up the mold and leaving it as a problem for us to deal with down the road. So far they only completed the demo, which we already paid for. We are trying to walk away after this since they didn't do any other work. The head of the company took over the account once we decided we were no longer interested in continuing to do business with them after they demonstrated their negligence/incompetence.

We aren't blaming the mold problem on them at all, since it was due to our own fault in not paying attention to it. We contacted the State Contractors Licensing Board, but they only deal with complaints for work that was already done.

Going back to the questions, did you ever have to deal with this kind of stuff before? How much did it cost you to terminate a contract? Did you go to court?


I'm not a legal expert, but in my opinion unless you signed some kind of contract which compels you to pay a penalty for termination or pay for the entire amount whether the work is completed or not you should only be responsible for services rendered.

Your best bet is to consult a legal expert on this matter. Preferably someone who has experience with dealing with this kind of issue. They should also have some sort of experience with contract law, especially if you signed some kind of contract with the company you hired.

You don't necessarily need to go to court, but you should learn what your responsibilities and your rights are in this matter.