questionswhy does @wootbot love these motorola radios so…


Maybe it's feeling reminiscent of the beginning of the internet deals era. There was a very famous deal on TalkAbout 250s at the leading edge of the dotCom period. I think the site was called Accompany or something like that. Anyway, it was a group-buy site except they'd not anticipated the scale of the response. The sheer number of people buying drove the price so low that people wound up paying a couple of dollars including shipping. I think the company took a bath. I seem to recall them not lasting long after that. I guess they should have capped their pricing algorithm.

Course, this is all something like a 12-year-old recollection, so I may have details wrong.

EDIT/PS: On a side note, don't be what more serious radio owner/operators call "a bubble-pack bandit." Get your GMRS license if you're going to use that frequency range/wattage.


Or maybe he's dropping hints for @girlwootbot, so she'll know what he wants for Christmas. ;-)


@psaux: I hate to be that guy, but a very similar set of radios helped us convoy through southern Africa. I think if you use them like intended, they shouldn't cause too much trouble for the pros.