questionswhat's the most annoying commercial on tv right…


I think the Geico featuring Dikembe Mutombo blocking everything is extremely annoying.


@mkentosh: I haven't seen the commercial you are referring to, but I don't get the "singing manger" part. Why would there be a singing feed trough?


Commercials? I vaguely remember them being pretty annoying before they invented the DVR.


The AT&T commercials with the pitchman interviewing kindergarteners as to what is better - faster, doing 2 things at once, not being a werewolf, etc.
But commercials in general are getting more and more annoying. I think the concept is to have you remember them, not to be good.


Anyone else have MLB.TV?

If you're familiar with any sports streaming service it's that they only have about 2-4 commercials for about two months. While it wasn't really annoying I swear (even while switching between 4 different games to avoid commercials) I saw this commercial with a guy wearing a bunch of kittens instead of a hanes comfort shirt about 15 times and sometimes they just played the commercial two times in a row. Also getting tired of the Dominos commercials, must have seen that one 30 times over the last week.

Just curious if there are any other wooters sharing this frustration :P

Oh as far as commercials... I'd have to go with anything progressive and flo, when they first started she was just a little awkward and off but now it's just Hey guys look! I'm giving kazoo lessons to a squirrel! here is cake and a monkey! Isn't this so random and quirky?! (I haven't actually seen a progressive commercial in a few months, but i assume that is about right)


The DirecTV(?) ads that claim that cable is more annoying than(insert scenario here).


It's not football season, therefore, I'm not watching much of anything that's not on my DVR. Commercials bug me more in the fall.


@olperfesser: Absolutely the totally worstest miserablest rottenest awfulest of the bunch! If it weren't for my Tivo, I'd stop watching TV completely just to avoid these commercials.


Dunno. The commercials were so annoying that I sold my TV in 1974. Haven't seen a commercial since then.


The Win8 pad- nothing in the commercial has anything to do with the product.
It's kinda like the old HP tablet commercial- you couldn't do what they did with it.

The Time Warner Internet one. Yes their customer service is run by inebriated ADD folk reading from a binder full of excuses. The reason they have so many channels is that almost all have duplicates. Some are three or four dupes. But their wires work. People with DSL who move will sometimes get their new customer special Internet service deal because their wires work.


@gidgaf: Ah yes, that windows 8 dancing commercial is probably the most annoying thing I've seen in recent memory. Since it gets played over and over only compounds the problem. Combined with the fact that win8 has such an awful gui just pisses me off past the point of redemption. Android and Debian/Ubuntu from now on.

No one specific commercial for me, despite the levels of stupidity that the windows 8 commercial achieves. I dislike when the same commercial plays twice in a row, as it draws my attention away from my monitor (I have a TV next to my monitor almost always tuned to CNN and on mute/low volume) while I am doing stuff.


The "Empire Carpet" commercial is the only commercial I cannot tolerate in many years! The talking is ok but that jingle about the phone number at the end just sounds disgusting, nasty, repulsive, abominable, pukes giving and every time it plays on TV I quickly hit the mute or if the remote is not within reach then I have to cover my ears!! It’s sickening and should be changed or removed ASAP!!!


CBS mornings will run a commercial for Powell Electric. After going through a riddle about lights that won't light, switches that won't switch, etc., they sing a jingle. The jingle is sung by two electricians who obviously, had to have been castrated in order to hit the notes. If that is not enough, the commercial is run, another disassociated commercial runs, then they run the Powell Electric commercial AGAIN!! Perhaps so we can give ourselves a "wedgie" and try to sing along!!


Having written music for a thousand national commercials, I have worn out my mute button on this one. I can't take it anymore. Worse than water boarding. I think the idea is that repetition will do the trick no matter how annoying a spot is....
Well, think again!

PS the sandwich bread format makes it doubly annoying (if that's possible)


There are 3 companies with really annoying ads. 1) Holiday Inn Express with the marketing manager emulating a guitar after drinking coffee. 2) DirectTV with the series of ads and the singer with the annoying voice popping up to turn back time. 3) The Samsung series with the couple using their appliances. It is a return to the stupid husband who doesn't comprehend domestic chores and a self-centered wife