questionsdoes deals.woot accept merchant deals whose sites…


CORRECTION: The original post by this merchant has not been deleted. It still shows up, along with a comment from me about how to create a merchant account (which apparently they promptly did, but then they reposted the deal, making it a duplicate, which was deleted) and a subsequent comment by me about the problem I'ved addressed in this question.


Can you please post the deal you are referring to? I'll take a look at it.


@hizzo87: Didn't show it initially as I didn't know if that would be proper.

I had no idea a merchant could legally just set up a website and [apparently] use Amazon's entire music inventory as their own product line.


@magic cave: After looking into the site, the answer to your question is simply, no. :) They're basically using the website to refer customers to Amazon.

Thanks for catching this!