questionswhat should i look for in a vacuum?


My first instinct was to say "Something that sucks." Now that I've said it we can proceed.

I prefer bagless, but it's been years since I used a vacuum cleaner that used bags. Bag-vacuums have definitely come quite a ways's a decent, brief breakdown of Bag Vs. Bagless.


Bagless vacuums will survive anything and will be used by you until their internal 'engine' fails.

Go bagless. The filters that can't be washed with water (the stupid cardboard ones) can be left in for the life of the vacuum (they just WANT you to buy more, you dont have to) without fault. The gray foam ones can and should be washed after every good vacuuming (less if you vacuum frequently, but generally, just wash them when they get lots of caked on dirt).


I always look for spare change and sometimes screws that get caught in the beater bar.

Sorry, just couldn't resist.


Bagless doesn't mean Better. Vacuum cleaners were originally bagless. The bag was added as an improvement, and later taken back off to promote the bagless vacuum. I know many people find it very inconvenient to change bags, but the machines do clean better, and last longer.


look for the word Dyson down the side of it. then buy it and don't look at the price


Thanks everyone.

I think I'm going to go bagless. I will keep my eye out for vacuums.


Vacuums seem to be full of "gotchas." I'm kind of regretting not paying the extra for a Dyson, assuming they live up to the hype.

Bought a Eureka BOSS 4D pet vacuum a few years ago. It has worked pretty well. The dusting wand is worthless, but that's not what I bought it for. The hose is a little too short for my liking, but I think it just needed to stretch a bit over time. Not a perfect vacuum, but it gets the job done. I was surprised to see that it has mixed reviews. It is heavy, but that didn't bother me.

Definitely worth going to a store where you can at least closely examine, if not touch, the vacuum you are thinking about. May help to spot any obvious defects or oversights by the manufacturer.


@drchops: I said something along those lines, and my comment was deleted.


You should look for jewelry and loose change. Also, portals to Narnia.