questionsis frisbee golf as fun as people make it out to…


Super fun with good friends. The course near me is hilly, so it's also one heck of a workout. A loner sport...not so much. Oh, and tips...learn to throw a frisbee in the direction you want, now try throwing the frisbee when there's wind. Rules are very easy, least amount of throws to hit the target.


I enjoy playing on occasion but I'm not really into it. I do think that, like a lot of things, it's more fun with a couple of people rather than by yourself. It is nice to get outside and walk around. It's a reasonable low intensity workout (mostly walking, unless you decide to jog/run the course).
The nice thing is it is fairly inexpensive to get started. They do make specialized discs, but you can play with just regular frisbees. And most (if not all) courses are free to play.


It is very fun! You will suck the first few times you play so don't get discouraged or pay for expensive discs. It took me a good two years to get a solid throw.

When you buy a disc make sure you have the mentality that you will lose it - its not a matter of how - its a matter of when.

At some popular parks there are people who sell great discs (used) for really cheap.

Also, it's disc golf not frisbee golf. Frisbees and discs are very different as you will hopefully soon find out. You will be scoffed at for calling it frisbee golf in public.

What I really like about Disc golf is that most of the people who play are genuinely nice and helpful.

I carry this guy in my bag and is very useful -


Never heard of it, but it sounds cool.
In for three lol

edit....can my dog play?


@atd15: Actually, as long as you clean up after them, dogs are usually always welcome. It's usually ok if they are off leash and I once even saw a man who had trained his dog to fetch discs that landed in water and in thick bushes.


I'm guessing the guy that trained his dog is the same guy selling used discs. How long does an average game last for? Also, is it a safe bet to say that I would want to bring a spare set of discs?


Disc Golf is a blast, it takes a lot of practice and there are some really nice parks to go to and best of all it's really cheap to get into like maybe $30 bucks for a good stater kit heres a really good kit.
Here's a nice one

You don't want to spend to much money on the disc's yet because you will probably lose them all the first or second time you go out! Very fun game and a great work out too


@lichme: It depends on how many holes you play, how many people in your group, and how crowded the park is. I've had games last an hour - 5 hours.

You will want to bring at least 6 discs with you if you start to peruse it as a hobby. You can get away with 3 if you want. Just like golf, you will need a driver disc, a mid range disc, and a putting disc. They are all shaped differently and have different weights to them. Some are designed to go straight, fade left, fade right, and even roller discs.

I would reccomend the following: for example use only


A related game that can be played anywhere is KanJam. Perfect game at the beach or tailgating.


Here's a great resource for finding courses. Just pop in your zip code in the upper-right corner and it'll show you all the courses near you.


@happyknappybeard: I don't know if that's true. I've heard plenty of people call it frolf which I'm guessing is a shortened version of frisbee golf. People are less cruel than you would think ie: no one gets laughed at for calling a bandage a Band-Aid, as an avid birder, I know that there is no such thing as a Canadian Goose or a "seagull"- they are called "Canada Geese" and "gulls" I have told this to people just because I find it interesting but have not put them down for their errors.


it's a whole lot of cheap fun. some people go way overboard, but i always just use a long range driver, a mid range, and a putter and have a great time. pay the extra money for good discs, the heavy duty ones. otherwise, the first tree you hit (and you will hit hundreds) will bend it and it will never fly right again.


@gopvifootball: I'm not saying they will get pantsed for saying it but go ahead and type in Frisbee Golf or frolf into Google and see what it turns up. People will correct you (like people correct grammar on certain boards)- it's human nature. Different strokes for different folks. Football isn't called handegg is what I'm driving at.


Try it if you like it look for heavy smaller disks. I enjoy it, it gets me outside.


Love disc golf... we got an AWESOME 18 hole course put in a some years back, it's pretty damn fun.

If you only get one disc, get the driver. I used only a driver for a long time :)
(My best driver I actually found on a roof - it was on the top of a building near a rough hole for like a week, I left it for awhile, but then I realized they weren't coming back for it.. so I grabbed a ladder and a fishingpole lol)

Also fun if you have a lot of friends: Ultimate Frisbee. There're a lot of ways to play it, but just play however works best.


It is alot of fun but around where I live everyone on the disc course is smoking Mary Jane so you can't really take the kids lol


@happyknappybeard: haha! "handegg" made me actually laugh outloud for some reason.


No! Please stay off the course (:


Casual frolfer here. Cheap, fun, and the people that do it are generally really nice people. Although I did see one guy that was powering through a course solo, speed walking everywhere, and making his girlfriend tag along carrying his bag with discs and water. So there are a few weirdos as with anything, but 9 times out of 10, if youre with a couple people and you bump into another group on the course, unless they're already a huge group (and therefore already take a while to clear the course), people will just join up.

One other note, as a casual frolfer, I only own and use one disc. It's actually one I found at a course, but I've been using it for years and I do even better than my buddies that take it all seriously and bring a variety of discs. So dont go overboard unless you're sure you want to.


Meh, if the courses are free then I would say why not. Where I live there are a few pretty nice parks/courses that are free so it is a nice activity to get myself from behind the computer for a while, but I don't think it is something that is as great as everyone makes it out to be. Plus there are also kind of weird people who walk the course all day and then make snide remarks when they see I throw like a girl.


@countdown: yeah, some people take it way too seriously. although, if you're with a group "speed frolf" can be fun. you jog between holes (i haven't done this in years) and when you throw you're out of breath and tired. by the 18th hole you can barely throw it 20 feet. if you're with a group there will be lots of laughing and making fun of each other, but its a great workout. i live in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, so our courses are very hilly. if i did it today i'd prolly have a heart attack.