questionswhat do you think about the dyson air multiplier…


Ohhhhh....I want to know, too! Please, please - someone who's bought one of these - tell us. To me, they seem like the air purifiers that don't suck air. Was gifted a small plug-in of one of those. Results? Zero as far as I could tell. Inquiring minds want to know if the 'fans' really work. ;-)


I'm interested in the dyson hot. Looks like it would be great for a bedroom.


The fan is great! I was surprised that on its low setting it is pretty much as strong as my regular fan on high but it is a lot quieter. I would wait till they get a bit cheaper at least a year or so before getting one. I wouldn't get another one till the drop to $100-$150 and really that is pushing it. Right now you are solely paying for the new tech gimmick. Just like with the segway the price starts out ridiculously high and then winds its way down to a more reasonable price.
They are great but not worth the money right now.


seems like a lot of money to me


trying it in the store it seemed like it did nothing.


it's not new technology, is't s squirrel cage fan with a duct that sucks it from the bottom up to the top, is't a bathroom fan with a shinny new shell.