questionswhat superfoods do you know of?


My doctor is very pro natural remedies and recommended salmon, almonds, avocado, apples and strawberries. He also said the salmon should be farm raised and the apples and strawberries should be organic.

Apples and strawberries tend to have a lot of pesticides. Farm raised salmon has higher quality control standards than wild salmon.


@cebooher3: farm raised salmon may be genetically engineered. some salmon is engineered so that it grows bigger, faster. i'm far from a health nut (i ate a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's yesterday) but even so, i try to avoid genetically engineered food whenever possible.


I eat blueberries and drink green tea every day. These are considered "superfoods" because they are high in antioxidants.


My superfood of choice is pizza.


@cebooher3: Your doctor is mistaken. Most farm raised salmon may contain higher levels of heavy metals (you know, things like mercury), and due to the fact that they tend to be raised in warmer waters, they accumulate these metals at a far greater rate than wild caught salmon. To my knowledge, there is NO farm raised fish that is as good a quality as wild caught. Yes, it's important to be cautious as to country of origin on fish, but I would go hungry before I'd eat any fish that didn't swim free.

I'd be fascinated to know why you believe that the fish farms in Malaysia (for example) have high quality control standards. Not picking on them in particular, it's the only one I can remember right this second.

Some fruits and vegetables are more resistant to absorbing pesticides than others, too. I buy organic (where I have personally CALLED the number on the label), buy from the local orchards and farmer's markets, or grow my own. Mmm, fresh spinach is two weeks away. :-D


it used to be called simply: eating healthy. Everything needs a buzz word now :)

Since so many foods, fruits, and veg have become un-naturally enhanced (and contain a lower nutrient count, by volume) - health-food has taken on a new meaning. Modern health food is what used to just be called "food" lol.


I'm very happy dark chocolate has been proven to be very a "superfood".
Yes,yes, eaten in moderation. Calories schmalories. There's always a catch, isn't there ?


@cebooher3: Either you misheard your doctor or you should find another doctor. If he is that mistaken about salmon then you've probably been diagnosed with athlete's foot while he was looking in your ear.

As to the original question: I eat what I like and try to make sure I get plenty of veggies and fruits.


@samstag: whole wheat crust, fresh veggie toppings, lycopene rich sauce w/ a dose of olive oil, and some low fat mozzarella for protein.
Meat ? Try strips of grilled boneless skinless chicken( hot sauce marinated if you like) or some turkey or chicken Italian sausage. Don't forget the garlic.

You're right ! Pizza can be a superfood. Does that take all the fun out of it ? Well, maybe some......


@ceagee: That's actually pretty close to how I make my pizza. When I've got too many tomatoes I like to make my own sauce, then I usually throw fresh veggies and grated mozzarella on top of a half and half white/whole crust.

I don't think there's any lack of fun in a homemade pizza.


I'd recommend flax seed as a super food. I was able to drastically improve my cholesterol numbers by adding it to my diet. Managed to convince my doctor I didn't need a scrip for cholesterol after all.


No one has mentioned eggs or oatmeal.. Eggs may well be the perfect food. I don't like the things, but I can't quibble with the powerful nutritional value. Don't let the cholesterol scare you. Dietary cholesterol does not translate directly to bodily cholesterol. A few years ago I went from eating zero eggs (didn't like them) to 2 eggs a day 7 days a week (on a big health kick). From zero to sixty in a month, and my cholesterol didn't change. I had it checked several times in the first six months just because I was curious. If you have a cholesterol problem, exercise due caution, but eggs may yet be your friend. The most enjoyable superfood may be dark chocolate. The more they study chocolate, the better it appears to be for you. Delicious news.


The most natural thing is the best, I always think so, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.^^


I like chia seed, Rice bran oil, Broccoli sprouts and cauliflower. But not all together at once.


greens, vegetables and herbs raised on our own property, mostly heirloom crops,
less red meat,
eggs (from our organic, free range poultry).
In general, eat fresh, eat more fruits and vegetables and you'll do well.


I like black rice. I am not sure if it is considered a "super food" or not but according to Web MD it's a relatively inexpensive way to get antioxidants.


@shrdlu: I've been doing some research and it appears you are correct about wild salmon being better than farm raised. I need a new doctor. Do you take Blue Cross?


My opinion aside, here is an interesting article on the subject of "superfoods" being a nutrition myth.


"Keep in mind that if you see a food labeled “super” you should take it with a grain of salt, because the reality is that all natural foods are superfoods. The ones that make the news just happen to be those that some reporter decided to shine her spotlight on for the time being. Who knows what vegetable will land in the spotlight tomorrow?"