questionscan you solve this math problem?


Shouldn't you do your own homework?


2 miles going and 2 coming back? what's your teacher's name?


60mph. I'm assuming this is related to the other question and not just some homework.


There's a point not mentioned: Is the average referring to distance traveled or the time spent traveling that distance?


wouldn't it be:

Speed over time x Speed over time Then cross multiply and add?

20/1 x 40/1 = 20x1 + 40x1 = 20+40 = 60

Good golly it's been a long time since I've done math.


Unfortunately, there is no speed you can go to average 40mph for the entire two mile trip.

A 40 MPH average for a two mile trip means traveling the distance in 3 minutes.

At 20 MPH, the first mile you just finished took 3 minutes.


i dont think its possible- 40mph means finishing the trip in 3 min.
20 mph for 1 miles takes 3 min as well. means u cant possibly get to the finish line in time.

@durkzilla - lol guess u posted it while i was thinking it over with the answer screen opened... :)


What @durkzilla said (well, wrote).

Ye canna change the laws of physics (though those laws apparently changed every few episodes, so the script writers could even though Ye couldn't).


So what is the average speed of driving one mile at 20 and the next at 60?


As @jsoko stated, 60 mph is not the correct answer.

This question is harder than just averaging the first 20 MPH and the second 60 MPH to get a full average of 40MPH.


Considering that you don't know the length of the entire trip, there is no way to answer your question. No where in the question does it clarify that the entire trip is two miles, it just references that you have two miles left.


@durkzilla: Good answer and you're right. I'm impressed that you got it so quickly.


It depends. Does this problem include an instantaneous transporter a la Star Trek or Stargate? If not ...


lol, i should delete my answer or just leave it for humor's sake...hehe



If you averaged 20 MPH for the first mile, it would have taken you 1/20th of an hour or 3 minutes.

If you average 60 MPH for the second mile, it would take you 1/60th of an hour or 1 minute.

That is a total of 4 minutes for 2 miles.

If you go 2 miles in 4 minutes (or .06666666666667 hours), your average speed for both miles together would be 2 divided by .0666666667 = 30 MPH


"...2 miles to go for the entire trip." I read that meaning there are two miles remaining to complete the trip. Given that you are are saying that the entire trip is two miles that makes this a clever problem and not just a trick question.


@wnyx585am: The question clearly states "You have 2 miles to go for the entire trip."



Not that simple. You'd need to write an expression for the average speed in terms of what you already know (total distance, average speed for first half, etc.)

Then, in order to solve said expression for 40, you'll discover that you end up dividing by zero.

What @durkzilla and @repero did serves the same purpose without needing the math.


Next time I come up with a math problem, it's going to have to be extremely hard considering @durkzilla and @repero are answering these questions. Good job guys.


Don't worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88mph the instant the lightning strikes the tower... everything will be fine.


The answer is 42... believe me the answer is always 42. If you don't believe me Google it.

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3x10^8 m/s. Time dilation saves the day again!


Wait are we talking real math or theory. Because if we are going theory wise then it's sometimes thought possible that traveling fast enough can cause one to go back in time (insert long winded theories about the speed of a cylinder and yadda yadda yadda) however, Stephen Hawking would call you a moron because of the Fermi paradox or if that's possible in the future why haven't we seen tourists from the future (well WAY over simplified at least). So theoretically, almost possibly but then you'll get laughed at by a computer generated voice broadcast from one of the greatest minds in existence. Well that and paradox of passing yourself on the road would be one heck of a trip.


The driver's shirt is blue.


@lonnyzone - only if you are watching them approach. If they're driving away from you, the shirt is red.


But if you go faster for the second mile, you'll run out of fuel. I can only assume that's why you can only go two miles for this trip.


I'm impressed!!

I didn't know wooters know how to think!!

But then again, only two of you got the correct answer!!


Engages modified Hyper Drive for a micro jump of 1 mile....


(20+x)/2=40 with x being the speed for the second mile.