questionsis it a bad idea to manually adjust our gpu fan…


next time replace the fan, not the whole card. Easy 15-minute fix.


I salvaged 2 old dell Power Edge 120mm fan, which I wired to the 2 switches to the front of my PC. My GPU has only a giant heatsink. I angled one fan to exhaust warm air the 2nd blows on the heatsink, so when I play I toggle the switches. Quite PC for deals.woot! Loud and cool for gaming.


May I suggest a better heatsink? Accelero, by Arctic Cooling, is a great line and they make sinks for just about any card available. I have one on my old 285GTX and it keeps it just under 50ºC, even when playing Farcry 2 or Crysis maxed out -- best part is that they have some sinks that don't require a fan. If you've got room in your case, they're the Bees-Knees


I've never wanted to alter my graphics card because it voids warranty =\

It's done now, anyway... I have a "replacement" card.

I have a AMD Radeon HD 687A-ZNFC. The ZDFC (a card I borrowed) has this Double Dissipation deal and his card ran a good 10C cooler than my replacement does (which is the same temp as my original card). Just bugs me a bit...


Out of curiosity

1) are you using AMD proprietary software for the auto adjust?
2) what are some other temps in your case: cpu, northbridge etc
3) are you overclocking?

Could be just you have bad airflow? or your not compensating for the heat being caused by the overclocking. Or at least these are just my immediate thoughts....

Could be other reasons, but thought I should ask as others have yet to.


If it ain't know the rest.


1) yes
2) can't get my core temps to show (tried CoreTemp and it showed 0)
3) no


I think the case has decent flow... but it is a bit cramped. If I could afford to buy a bigger case I would :P


The big down side to manually setting your fan speed is under a load it would have been automatically adjusted to 75% but you have restricted it to 50%. As a result it will overheat and shut off. If you are going to manually set it, go for 100%. That will provide the maximum cooling available with your current setup.

The best thing is to look for the cause of the overheating rather than fixing symptoms. (Clean dust out of the inside of the case. Blow dust off the heat sink. Vacuum out really well. Remove the fan and heat sink and reattach with new Artic Silver.)


@jertyrael: CoreTemp sometimes is unreliable, and I have seen it give different numbers when run alongside other programs (though arguably none are perfect)

I would still look into your temps to see if its just the video card, or bad air flow.. could save yourself some money.

Try this

Does a little more than what you need it to do (shows voltages), but it's nice to have running in the background to see how hot you get and will note that in the max column.


@grimskull89: Thanks.

I don't think it's so much that the card is running hotter than it's supposed to its just that I wish it would run cooler o.O

the new Double D cards from XFX really are affective from what I've seen (running 10C less mine though they're the same cards essentially).


hahaha HW Monitor can't see my CPU temp either...
Probably because my CPU doesn't really exist >_> (Phenom II X4 B50)

GPU is running 61 idle right now but it gets over 70 in-game.