questionsis "free shipping to store" the same as "free…


Yes, if you live close enough to said store. If you live 50 miles away from the nearest Wal-Mart and you never shop there then it doesn't count.


No, it is not. If I wanted to go to a store to pick something up, I wouldn't be shopping online.


I think it's not OK to indicate free shipping if it's shipping to the store. Don't check the box, but feel free to put "Free Site-to-Store" or "In-Store Pickup" or "Free Shipping to Store." If it doesn't ship to your house for free, it's not free shipping.


I also agree with the NOs. It is not free shipping. It's making a specialty order at a store because they don't keep it in stock.


It is if your living in the store.


Nope. If I see a wal-mart deal I know that I can get free shipping to store. That doesn't mean I want to go to wal-mart. If I see free shipping I assume that means I can get it in my underwear.

Amazon prime isn't free to begin with, so that absolutely doesn't count as free shipping. Same with having to bulk up a 10 dollar order to over 25.


I don't check the box in these cases, but I will indicate it in the deal.


People select free shipping all the time when they post, when it is in fact not free shipping.

- free site to store shipping
- free shipping with Prime
- free shipping on orders over $xx.00

If the item posted does not meet the qualifications to ship it to your house or work or wherever(such as $10 from Amazon that requires an additional $15 purchase to have free shipping), it does not qualify as free shipping. I usually tattle or make a comment in bold face to bring attention to the fact that it is not free shipping.


I agree with some of the above. Free shipping should only be indicated if I can buy that item and that item only, and it will show up to my house for zero additional dollars. That said, when I'm posting I will include any free shipping arrangements in the title - free shipping over $X or something like that. It's an important detail to the deal, but isn't free shipping in its purest form.


I, too, like free shipping when I order something. However, I don't downvote a deal or cricicize it because there is a shipping charge unless it is excessive. You all do realize, don't you, that nothing is actually FREE - it is built into the cost somewhere. I think it unreasonable to expect free shipping as a right. If you don't want to pay shipping, only shop where it is free - however, you just might be missing out on some real deals by doing so. JMO


Shipping to the store usually takes longer and then you have to venture out. Most times I would rather pay for the shipping and get in in about a week then wait almost a month and then still have to go to the store.

(Did this with a TV stand from Walmart. While we were waiting for it to come in, we used a coffee table from IKEA and decided a $20 table is better than a $80 stand. At least the return was easy since they treat site to store like you bought it in the store.)


@klozitshoper: The subject is not the shipping itself but the practice of checking the free shipping box when posting a deal if it does not actually have free shipping.


I disagree with the "not free shipping if order is $xxx" issue but ONLY in the case where the item exceeds that dollar value.

I other words, if it's free shipping on items over $50 and the post is $51, it is then free. But if the post is $40, it's not free shipping.


I think 'free shipping' should only be used to identify items that are 'free' to ship to your home. Otherwise it should explicitly say in the title what the shipping is, whether site-to-store, prime, purchase over $XX.XX, or otherwise.

I hate clicking on deals only to find that there is 'fine print' that we have to read to completely understand the deal.


I agree with what others have stated. Unless the item ships for free to your home DO NOT MARK FREE SHIPPING. I list items all the time that ship free with prime, but I make a note in the summary. I would do the same for free ship to store, etc.


@panthiest: Judging by the people you see at Wallmart, I'm fairly sure you could go there in your underwear.


@panthiest: Does your [insert package delivery service here] driver enjoy seeing you in your underpants? Would we enjoy it?


Just to clarify, Prime is not free shipping but it is 2 day free shipping.


Any deal from any company is NOT free shipping if it has restrictions of any kind. IOW, if you have to belong to something, order up to a certain amount, or pick it up yourself, then it's not "Free Shipping." If you go shopping & buy an item, it's always free shipping, isn't it?

The box should be checked only when it's free to your address. When I post deals, I try to list the actual shipping cost. Examples: $4.95 standard shipping, Free w/$40 order, Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping/$25 order, Prime Free, Free shipping to store, etc. Amazon orders over $25 (when they are noted "Fulfilled by Amazon") get the box checked. There are some vendors on Amazon that offer free shipping - those get the check in the box. For some reason when I check the box, I also note it in the description. Free shipping, to me, is quite a benefit and part of my decision on whether to buy it or not.

Short answer: NO free shipping to store is not the same as free shipping. ;-)


I'm the offender in this instance. I will make sure not to do it anymore. I figured it's almost as good since these are all from Walmart and you know there is pretty much one on every corner.


@sickboy932: WalMart stores aren't always on corners. I think Walgreens pharmacies are though.


I agree that free shipping to a store is not the same as the "understood" true meaning of free shipping. Whenever I am posting that type of deal I always put in "Free Shipping to Store" in the headline. This is actually convenient if there is a store near your home or work. Back in the way old days (pre-internet), free shipping to a store meant to a central distribution center for customer pick up and that could be a very long distance from your location.

I also believe that it is the poster's responsibility to put in whatever shipping information is available. I don't like searching for deals that purposely do not include the shipping information. Info only...


@aksman44: I always try to make it a point and list the shipping details on the first line of the description.


People do get really uptight about "fine print". I recently posted a really awesome deal that included a $25 rebate. I had failed to mention that in the title, but made it very clear in the post body. The deal was actually pretty solid even without the rebate, but I still got some downvotes for not mentioning the rebate in the title (even though the item as a whole was largely upvoted).



My post was just a general reply, it wasn't to bash you at all.


There's people on deals.woot without Amazon Prime? I didn't expect that. Prime is $79 a year. If you think about the cost of 2 day shipping it basically pays for itself after about 10 items. You can share it with 4 other people too. Even though they are supposed to be in your household, Amazon doesn't really check that unless you really abuse it.

As to whether to check free shipping I don't mind it because I can already tell what type of shipping it is based on the retailer. I don't think anyone is going to change their ways and I don't think woot is going to add "Free site-to-store" or "Free with Prime"


@sickboy932: I didn't mean to call you out like that. My apologies.

This topic wasn't meant to say "you're wrong," but rather to debate what the protocol should be.

No hard feelings, I hope.


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: People are already down voting you for your comment. Prime is a touchy topic for some reason. I up voted you because it amazes me, too, that people don't have Prime, and yet, come to this site looking for deals. It's one of the best deals out there.

There are people who don't have Prime and are proud of it as they deem it a waste of money. My Prime membership is one of the best values I pay for all year. I do check the free shipping box if it's free with Prime.

I'm not a fan of retailers using this "free ship to store" . It SHOULD be free to ship to their store, it's their items they are advertising. It's one of the reasons I dislike shopping at JCPenney, who advertise this free ship to store like it's some kind of bargain. It isn't. It takes an hour of my time to make the round trip to pick my things up. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks to Amazon and have it delivered to my house.


I save $79 a year by not having Prime. Still get free shipping. I keep items I want that are under $25 on my wish list. When I reach the magic 25, I order. Yes, I wait longer to receive it. But I do get completely free shipping w/o paying a yearly fee.

Do not understand when someone says Prime pays for itself. I guess you could use that logic if you were not willing to wait for free super saver shipping & intended to pay extra for faster shipping. I'm willing to wait - and it's free. ;-)


Wow, the downvotes on my statement that nothing is ever really free astounds me, as it is an absolute truth. Nobody was being criticized or downvoted or whatever by me. Why the hate? If there is one person on this thread that thinks any business will stay in business by not making money in some way - well, I have a bridge to sell you - in fact, I have a cruise to sell you just as soon as they right the ship!


@dreamyvelvet: You say that to @rabidmonkeyoncrack with strong conviction. Are you or were you a mod here recently?


@klozitshoper: You sure seem to be out for me today. Sorry I rubbed you the wrong way. I am a person of strong convictions. Thank you for noticing.


@dreamyvelvet: I'm on the same page as you. Many people spend the amount of a Prime membership plus $$$ on their cell phone bill MONTHLY, as I mentioned in a previous thread(and got bashed for my comment). Prime works out to <> $7.50/month...why is that not a great deal? I understand the "free" concept, but with everything that is available at great prices at Prime pays for itself after about 2 orders, tops. Just my .02 worth.


@publiclurker: That doesn't mean I particularly want them to see me.

@aphroat: Never had a complaint from the delivery peoples and they do seem to like me. As for you, only one way to find out.


@dreamyvelvet: found you over on woot finally and sent a PM prior to reading this. I am not out to get you today.


I agree that free shipping should only include the price of the item delivered to your home ( or office). Also, I really appreciate it when the shipping cost of the item is included in the post, especially for less well known sites as that saves me time finding out their shipping policies, or having to add an item to a cart, checkout and then removing it if shipping is too high. This does work best if I only want the item posted only as additional items can change shipping costs.


A lot of times, "free ship to store" = "we already have it in the store, so I'm gonna go get it off the shelf and put it behind the counter for you."

If it's out of stock in-store, the "free ship to store" is "not available for this item at this store."

So they're not "shipping" anything.

Man, that was a lot of quotation marks.