questionswhat are those little sticky notes ups leaves on…


To let you know that even though you were home, and sat within ten feet of the door the entire day, they kindly slapped a sticker on your door rather than toss the box on the porch, ring the bell, and run like hell as they normally do.


They should work, but it doesn't necessarily mean the delivery driver will accept them. The notifications that are attached to the door are essentially saying you agree to not hold UPS liable if something were to happen to your package. However, if the driver doesn't think it is safe to leave the package they are not obligated to.

UPS should have offered you a few choices. You can redirect the package to another location for a small fee (within the same delivery area), have them deliver to a neighbor or have them send it to one of their facilities so you can pick it up. Personally, I recommend UPS My Choice since it allows me to authorize release of the packages. It doesn't always work, but works 97-99% of the time. With UPS My Choice you can have the package delivered to a UPS Store as well, in addition to another address in the same delivery area for free (I have done that several times).


Our UPS guy leaves my stuff with my neighbors as a matter of course. I rarely have to deal with the little sticky notes, unless another driver is doing the route. And no, you can't borrow my UPS driver.


When I get sticky notes, it's usually because they can't get through my front gate (I live in an apartment) and is too lazy (or blind) to read the intercom for the managers office who could buzz them in.

Usually I get something that says "We missed you! We're coming back tomorrow at the same time of day (which is sad if that was the most inconvenient time) for the next two delivery attempts!".

Looks a little like this (thanks Google!):

So far, never once did they ask me to sign the back part..

As for changing delivery adresses, I believe on one occasion we were allowed to change the adress on UPS. As for Fedex, you can just have it held on a Fedex station (not sure what to call them) and you could pick it up on your own time. I think UPS did that once as well.

Nowadays for Amazon deliveries though, the shipping label specifically says "Just leave it there". Funny cause anyone could just pick up a box on someones front door.


FedEx leaves a sticky when they dump and run. Apparently to let you know they were there if some one nicks the package (but not the sticky that is in sight).

So, who else gets those put mostly

- drumroll-

On the package!


I've had issues a long time ago with FedEx, but never with UPS. I realize I'm in a residential neighborhood and my husband works from home. He is often there and he has gotten to know the guy over the last number of deliveries - he usually goes out to meet him on the street. UPS will always leave with the neighbor if we are not there, and he knows which neighbor to leave it with. When I was growing up, my dad would always leave a note on the door for UPS if he was expecting a package to let them know to leave it and it usually worked by pre-empting the note in the first place. sounds like that won't work in your situation though since they won't leave it even if you signed their note. I guess I don't have any advice for you, unless you want to move into my house...I am passively looking to sell one of these days :)


What they can leave, and what they cannot very much depends upon the shipper. Woot and Amazon allow UPS to leave packages for most things. Some shippers allow you to sign the little door tag and will leave the package after that (I had 2 suits from Indochino where this was the case). Some shippers require an adult, in person signature. These are usually expensive items (e.g. engagement ring).

Alcohol requires an in person signature, so you have to be there for Wine.Woot shipments.


@wilfbrim: I actually called the shipper and they said that should be enough too. Everyone I've spoken to said that should be enough XD lol. UPS wants $11 to charge the delivery location now. I swear this is a scam. Guess I'm going to go pick it up.

It would make sense if I lived in an apartment type place or some major neighborhood or something. But I live in the middle of no where in the country off the highway. You can't see the door or packages from the road and nearest neighbor is to far to see too. Plus they drive by my house everyday to get to town even if they don't have a delivery for me since it's the main road between the two cities. Just drop off the bloody package at a decent hour. Instead they coming by at 8pm when I'm at work and right as they are going home. Instead of just stopping off as they drive by in the morning. (I live on the side they drive on too they don't have to cross the street or anything)