questionssos!!! xbox 360 controllor turns off randomly?


lol? your name is game console, shouldn't to be good at this?

but to answer your Q... hmm I don't have a 360... ima say throw it at the wall, unplug your microwave, then replace the batteries 2 times within 5 minutes BUT NO EARLIER THAN 4 MINUTES AND 30 SECONDS ...that last part is crucial


maybe the "new" batteries are defective?


Perhaps you should simply contact Microsoft Tech Support and get a replacement for your defective controller.


Are you using regular batteries of a rechargeable pack?


What you need to do is resync the controller.

On the front of the xbox there should be a syncing button. Push this button, you will then see the 4 green lights start spinning on the xbox. At this time you will then click the syncing button on the back side of the xbox controller. same thing will happen, lights will spin and then will flash and your controller is resynced.

If you are using rechargable batteries they also might be faulty? try draining then completly and then letting them fully charge.

If problem still persists I would agree with @durkzilla and contact xbox technical support.


Also, sometimes new batteries are crappy. Try other new batteries. Another issue could be a loose contact point, one of my controller's battery pack is a little loose and I need to tape it closed to ensure a good contact. Being new, you should, as others have said, call microsoft and yell at them until they replace it or fix it.


Thanks for all your help. I have already please maintenance personnel solved the problem. I give your advice to them,They maintain that controller is broken.Now I've replaced it from the merchant.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!