questionsthe **algorithm** seems to have changed sometime…


for deals or questions? or the google search algorithm?


Up to a week or so ago, the front page of Popular/Top Deals would be covered with deals that were at least 10 or twelve hours old with the occasional newly posted deals (3 or 4 hours old) mixed in... There will always be exceptions but look at the front page now... One Deal 8 hours old and one Deal 12 hours old... Both heading down...

Same goes for the Questions Popular/Top Deals page...

Compare Time since posted with votes and comments...

I believe the Aging Cycle has been accelerated....


I feel older, does that count?


It is evolving, soon it will be all knowing.


Nope, didn't notice. I'll have to pay more attention.


didn't notice cause i don't do popular. i am a fresh kinda person.


@dw1771: It "knows all" now. It just doesn't want us to know that it knows. I however know that it knows but it doesn't know I know it knows. Understand?


@jnissel: I think I know what you mean, if by "know" you mean that you know that it knows all, but it doesn't know that you know that it knows all.


@dw1771: You are correct except for one thing. How do I know it knows everything unless I know everything it knows? And, if I know everything it knows then I, too know everything. That could mean I am it...except I know I am not it.

Got it now?


In my first "knows" post I purposely made what I thought was a glaring error but so far no one has noticed, or or at least if they noticed the error they didn't take me to task over it.

Anyone care to guess what error I made?

HINT: I'm not talking about spelling or grammar errors.


@jnissel: your post made me dizzy. but i found a glaring error in your last & latest post.
"or or at least ..."
you put "or" twice. it just keeps building, now what do i win?


@w00tgurl: Would you believe my fingers stutter? How about I type so fast my fingers cannot keep up with me? You don't believe either one? Good because neither one is true.

The truth is that was an error I did not intend to make. The error I am hoping someone will find I made on purpose.

Sorry w00tgurl, try again. :-(


@jnissel: Well since no one has successfully taken you up on your glaring error challenge, I might as well have a go.

Now lets break this down with my comments in brackets.

It [Woot] "knows all" now [implying some sort of freaky big brother/matrix/God-like ability]. It [Woot] just doesn't want us to know that it knows [Woot would rather have us live in ignorance of its nearly insurmountable power, for if it were to boldly flaunt this power it would risk a horde-like uprising]. I however know that it knows [You have unraveled the mystery] but it doesn't know I know it knows [Woot lacks the knowledge that you have discovered it knows all].

In the above statement, I see no logical flaw in the sequence of Knows. However, upon further review I noticed you respond to dw1771 and quote him saying "knows all". However, dw1771 never said "knows all". Rather dw1771 said, "it will be all knowing". Therefore, I believe your "glaring" mistake is the improper use of quotation marks.


@jnissel: i believe the error to be the word now. implying that it didn't use to know all.


my experience with the time thing is this...I just posted a remark on another question and when it showed up on the page it said that my remark was "one minute from now". Wow! Talking in the future tense rather than the past. Weird...

edit: and yet this one posted correct "a few seconds ago" ...really weird...


@l1keaf0x: Good try but the quote marks are not it they do lead up to the mistake though.


Alright. Under threats from the various people here (and I know who you are) I will reveal the mistake.

Part of what I said was "It "knows all" now.". I then went on to say "...but it doesn't know I know...".

If it "doesn't know I know" then it can't know everything.


@jnissel: I see what you mean. If we continue with that thought though we must realize that this discussion is written on a Woot forum. As such, Woot knows you know as soon as you submitted your statement. This starts a vicious cycle because your statement of Woot not knowing you know can no longer be correct once you click submit. It was correct prior to your submission, and in that moment prior to submission Woot was not all knowing. As soon as you clicked submit though, there was a transition of power and Woot once again regained all knowing status. Woot then knew you were on to its trial, but you lost track once you posted it does not know you know. Upon my realization of this, Woot will have lost its all knowing status again because it doesn't know that I know it knows that you think it doesn’t know you know it knows all and therefore doesn't know all. By the time you read this though, Woot will know this information and will be all knowing once again. Or will it? Who knows :-)


@l1keaf0x: "Or will it? Who knows"

We know, don't we?


@jnissel: I am not sure what I know anymore... after I wrote, "Upon my realization of this, Woot will have lost its all knowing status again because it doesn't know that I know it knows that you think it doesn’t know you know it knows all and therefore doesn't know all." My brain melted...


@l1keaf0x: Do you know that you're not sure or are you sure you do not know?


@jnissel: I am 100% sure that I am not sure


@jnissel: "I am 100% sure that I am not sure."

Woot knows that!