questionswhy does my cat lick plastic bags?


There's some odor that they can smell that attracts them. Yes, it's bad for them. I have had a cat with this particular kind of behavior, and (among other things) he ate rubber bands, and actually ingested a significant portion of a plastic flower (of the hard plastic variety). This was in the eighties, and it was a VERY expensive vet bill (my daughter was extremely attached to him, and I'd have given any amount of money). They evacuated him from both ends, and put him on an IV for 36 hours.

I suggest sprinkling these packages with Tabasco, and perhaps this will discourage the behavior. It's a tough problem.


My cat does this and I don't know if there is a definitive answer why. The smell or texture of the plastic may do it.
Besides plastic, I have to keep clear tape like wrapping or packing tape away from her. Same for things like stickers on bananas, etc. shipping labels that haven't been completely pressed down, any sort of smooth, sticky plastic-like things. Maybe it's the glue smell, she'll try to snatch tape right out of your hand.


Ours used to spray them, there's definitely something about the smell.

I'd suggest the bad apple sprays or something to try and dissuade kitty from eating plastics. It'll take awhile keeping an eye on him and trying to catch him in the act, but eventually he'll pick up he needs to stop. Or a small squirt gun for a quick spritz when he's doing something you can't have him doing may do the trick.


I have to keep bags off the floor because mine likes to chew on them. He won;t eat the stuff, but he will chew on them for a bit.


There are a lot of things cats do that we will never probably understand or know the answer to; much like women. Ive just come to terms with my cat being who she is.


My cat likes to chew on plastic bags and lick random things on occasion. I tried researching it and no one has a definite answer except for guesses that they like the sound or texture from chewing/licking plastic.


My cat chews on photos if he can, in addition to others mentioned above.


Our cat chews and eats the plastic. So we can't leave any bags where he can get at them. Also means no more plastic bag liners in the bathroom trash cans.


my 2 cats do this also it drives me insane! they love plastic bags, any sort of food wrappers, plastic rings from milk lids(one plays fetch with these). When they were tiny kittens they used to chew on cords for various electrical items, plugged in or not, it must be something with plastic/rubber. They are always getting their paws on something new.