questionswho got their galaxy s 5.0 wi-fi yet?


Got mine by USPS yesterday. Looking forward to learning all about it. First impression is that it is a high quality device, big enough to see, small enough to fit easily in front pocket. These things are turning users into geniuses.


I got mine. It is my first android and I like everything about it except for the video and picture quality.......not as good as the 720p claim on the spec sheet.


This is totally unrelated to your question, but I find it interesting that of the three questions that were asked approximately 9 hours ago:

*one was viewed 38 times, voted for 8 times, answered 0 times,

*one was viewed 149 times, voted for 16 times, answered 19 times, and

*one was viewed 60 times, voted for 13 times, answered 5 times,

and this question, with the least activity, made it to popular.