questionsis it time for a new video card, or should i wait?


As to your Nvidia/AMD question, I personally always prefer Nvidia.

When I built my current machine, I grabbed an Nvidia card, planning to get a second one later and SLI them. By the time I thought about it again, my card was no longer being produced.

Moral of the story: technology changes quickly, so if you plan to SLI, just do it now.

Trying to keep it under $300 obviously makes it harder to get two cards.


@sunnyx0r: Well, I guess another option would be to buy another 8800GTX off of ebay and SLI these, thus holding me over for the new generation of nvidia. what do you think? I can probably get one for under $100


I also prefer Nvidia cards. (But I prefer AMD cpu's.) You could also look for a pair of GTX 460's. I just got one last month for $99 after $30 rebate from PNY, so even without rebate, you should be able to score 2 for under $300. There is also this card from EVGA :

Dual GeForce GTX 460 GPUs for Double the Performance
Faster than a standard GeForce GTX 580
Microsoft® DirectX® 11 Support
NVIDIA® PhysX® Technology
PCI Express 2.0 x16 Support
OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL Support
Three Dual-Link DVI-I ports HDCP Capable
One Mini-HDMI 1.4a Connector
NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology with CUDA™ C/C++ and DirectCompute 5.0 Support
Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7 Support

I have always stuck with Nvidia due to the stability of their drivers more than any other reason. Maybe when Radeon drivers can match their rep, I'll try one out.


I would like to ask what you plan on doing with your video card? Are you a gamer? Are there games you are waiting for to be released or could be improved now?

This would help me make my decision. I cheaply "upgraded" last year to a GTX 460 (Nvidia fan here) but if I were looking right now I'd wait to hear what Borderlands 2 will need.


@coconutextreme: I am a gamer.

I am not looking to the future to much, but I would like to be able to play Skyrim on ultra, right now I can play on very high with low frame rate. I can play GTA IV on mostly very high settings except for textures (high) and detail distance (about 25%).

I'd like some sort of future proofing too.

Thanks everyone, for your recommendations! I would have never looked for a dual GPU card. I may end up getting that.

Any other ideas?