questionswhat decking won't mold or stain?


Trex DEcking or other composite materials are really nice. I put up one at my grandmothers old house and it was great an mostly maintenance free.


Azek is another good decking. I rebuilt house porches with it and it's as good as Trex, but at a lower price.


Ditto the last two. Can't go wrong with either.


Working in the wood industry, I have always used treated wood for decking. If you are in an area for Southern Yellow Pine, there are radius edge decking, but I just used 2" ground contact lumber. Maintenance isn't much. I just power wash with a water repellent every year. My current deck (12x33 multi-level) has been in place for about 4 years with no mold. It is in a very shaded area.



Oh, you mean a HOME deck! Sorry, we've been refinishing the teak deck on our old boat. Won't rot. Won't mildew. Just have to spruce it up every 10 or 20 years. DH did the heavy sanding. Note that his hair is usually SILVER, not brown!

Deck looks like new, btw.


Anybody have any experience with pvc decking?


@thepenrod: I don't but would love to hear the results of those that do.