questionswhy is the price on the deals.woot post different…


Welcome to the deals.woot world. Can you give us a little more info? If you are talking about an item on deals.woot you need to understand that they are a deal aggregator, not a seller. If you see an item with a tombstone on it that means it's dead. It may come back in the future, so keep an eye out.


Items posted in the community deals section are added by, well, the community. Which might mean a rep from a company, a member of the woot staff, and some of the best deals are posted by members like you, who like to share a great bargain. Unfortunately, some posters are a little sloppy about retiring an expired deal. If a deal does not have a tombstone next to it, and the price is not valid anymore, you are encouraged to tattle on the deal, and report it expired. And if you find a great deal, please add it here too.

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