questionsdo you put all your eggs in one basket?


I say take the sure shot and do one of each.


The official sweepstakes rules said, "Limit of four (4) Entries per household, which is determined by the physical address associated with the email address." Since we already have two accounts at this address (different emails), we entered one account as "heads" and the other as "tails." Thus we are guaranteed one free pizza, while adhering to the rules as they were presented.


I would keep opening new accounts until the number of possible free pizzas matched or exceeded the number of people in my household. I guess since it is limit four entries per household, you would also need to buy a new household if you wanted to enter more than four times. Unless you live in Detroit, the price of a new household probably exceeds the value of a free Papa John's pizza. So, I would stop at four entries.


I chose one way, my dog chose the other. I let him choose tails, since he has one.


@90mcg112: But I already own two houses... hmmm.... :)

I put in 4 entries total. 2 in my wife's name/emails and 2 in mine.

We really don't Papa John's too often, but I suppose if it was free, we'd bite.


My nearest PJ is over 45 miles, so I'm really not eligible in the realistic sense. I still made an account and bet tails though. You can't win if you aren't in!