questionsare the new 3d tvs finally worth buying?


In my opinion, no. But if you can get one that has the feature for just a little more than a standard TV, go for it.

I won't get into this until they have glasses-free and full angle viewing. And, IMO, there's not enough to watch to justify the expense that I've seen.


So long as you have to wear headgear to see the fake 3D effect, it's not perfected. I understand that actual 3D televisions will take time to figure out, and that all the gimmicky 3D stuff that's out there now will lead to real 3D television and movies eventually, but I'm not gonna be one of the early adopters this time.

If you can live with the current state of 3D TVs, then by all means pick one up. They are getting better every year. I'd check out Scott Wilkinson's site. Answers to questions you didn't even know to ask.


I have to add my "no" with the others. The biggest drawback is needing the glasses. The next is there is not nearly enough 3D content.


@jnissel: I would have to agree. Right now for me when i wear the glasses it seems to effect the picture quality acting as another filter. Also not enough 3D content. Once they fix thee issues and do it without glasses i will be all in.


I would say no. I find 3D to be more gimmicky than anything else, and what's out there isn't that awesome. The few 3D movies I've seen in recent years in theaters didn't impress me that much, and the TVs they have at Best Buy and elsewhere where you can use it struck me as basically the same.

I believe I've seen stories that say that within so many years we'll have 3D displays without glasses (another drawback to me). If you really want 3D, I'd just hold out for that. You'd need to replace the equipment then again anyhow.


Another no vote here. I'm just not sold on the whole 3D fad yet. I can remember when videodiscs were the next big thing. I would advise waiting.


Yes and no like everyone else says. The 3d is nice but still not a deal maker. Then again it's not a deal breaker either. If you find it for a good price get it. Also some interesting features are coming out for 3d tvs that might be useful depending on your use.

Example: LGs 3d tvs have the same feature that Sony's little 24 inch PlayStation display has. If your playing multiplayer on the same system/tv instead of one person getting the top and one person the bottom or left and right. You both get the full screen and use the glasses to only see your part of the 3d. Which is handy if your kids or yourself or whoever in your family likes to game. I'm sure there's other neat little features out there but that's one I just found out about.