questionswhere are the cool local shops in virginia beach?


I haven't been in years but look at this link: Link

It's hard to top Myrtle Beach!


Take General Booth Blvd. towards Chesapeake. A few miles inland there's a farm on the left called Bergey's Dairy. They make all kinds of goodies there, they have daily selections of fresh made ice cream that are fantastic.

Also, if you feel like getting up early enough, you can go help them feed the cows.


Another thing you could do that would be awesome: go to 17th Street Surf Shop. Ask if there's a manager there named Larry Dempsey. If he still works there, punch him in the face and yell "Remember in 7th grade when Ethan told you he's get you back some day when you least expected it? That's for Leader 1, Bitch!"

Remember kids, it's not cool to break someone's Gobot just because they weren't as cool as Transformers...