questionsshould i let my status drop and let someone elseā€¦


I don't actually think it works that way. You don't have that much power.


@kschouten: There is a certain percentage of top level people on deals.woot, so logically if someone drops, someone else would rise.


@wisenekt: Ah, yes, but the real number of people who have black triangles grows in proportion to the number of active people. For a very long time, there were less than 100, but it is currently at 377 (as is purple), and continues to grow.

You're a good member of the community. Why stop contributing? If new folks are deserving, they'll naturally rise in popularity, and join you in your elevated status.

{"Things will happen in well-organized efforts without direction, controls, or plans." (Hayek)}


Once you black, you never go... Wait, never mind, it's totally possible


Nope. If they want, make them earn it like the rest of us.


Don't give up the prestige of being a black triangle :D


I was a black triangle for a while and actually worked at maintaining it, but I let it slip and now I'm green. I decided I just don't care. I'm not entirely sure why, but it just seems the community is less friendly since down-voting was implemented. I also haven't seen a deal that has inspired me for a long time. I feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. (Wait - I can't be a donkey, I'm a conservative for gosh sake.)


You can give it to me.....wait....that isn't the way it works....I have to earn it my self.


Keep in mind that if you do, you'll be forfeiting your rights to the black triangle cabana club.


Let nature take it's course.


@panthiest: I did that when I renounced my black triangle membership. The Simpsons did it! defense

k87 k87

I just got my black triangle yesterday and the numbers on the leaderboard for black and purple remain the same (377 each). So I think your idea of allowing someone else into your spot is correct. Whether you want to do it or not is up to you. As fun as the black triangle is to see next to my name (though I have 2 QP's, not 1, come on, woot!), it can be a lot of work to maintain and I don't think it gets me anything. I will probably lose mine naturally as I get busier in these next couple of weeks.


@panthiest: My turn to bring the snacks right?


I feel like I'm missing something. Does the color of the triangle matter in any real way? What is it that can be "done" with this status? Are you giving up something real in not posting? Is there something real to be gained? I am sincerely confused, not trying to be snarky.

AFAIK, A black triangle is merely a reflection of how active you are, and what I meant by "you don't have that much power" is that with so many people at each level, no one person can keep another from achievement. No one person can affect the masses any more than the ripple on the surface of the pond affects the fish. So be involved or not, as you choose, but assigning importance to your actions and feeling like you are "keeping out someone more worthy" isn't sensible. Do what works for you. And ironically, in asking this question you will keep your black triangle for a few more weeks, I bet. :)


You can pry my black triangle out of my cold dead hands!

OK, so I don't care THAT much. But I do kind of like it. Looks good next to my userID lol


I would rather be green from 2005, then black from 2011



One of last year's perqs was a $20 coupon to black triangles, while purples got only $10 and greens got $5. While it is unlikely that this year's perqs will be the same, black will always be better in some sense than purple and the other colors.

If it took real work to maintain a black triangle, I'd say that the possibility of an extra $10 isn't worth it, but it really doesn't take all that much to stay in the black, so why not?


@wisenekt: Try loitering in the Top 15 "too long" then we'll talk. ;o)


I hear Blagojevich is looking for a new cellmate. You could try selling your position ;)