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Reviews are crucial.

Pictures only tell so much, and the description of quality is entirely subjective. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

Reviews are based on personal experience based on expectation. Another thing to remember about reviews is that for every pissed off customer that left review, there are likely ten satisfied customers that didn't.

I try to stick to brands I know and trust but every once in a while, if the reviews are solid enough, I will take that into consideration.

The final tip is if you can "showroom" the item at a local store, that's always helpful. It will give you a better impression on the quality than pictures or descriptions ever could.

EDIT: I've never purchased couches on Craiglist, but we got a steal on our dining set from someone in a pinch. I think we paid less than a quarter what it was worth originally, and only had a few nicks.


I buy a lot of things online but I won't buy furniture I haven't seen.


I think it depends on how much you're going to use the piece in question. I wouldn't have a problem buying an occasional chair on line, since I'd be buying in primarily for style and color. (We don't have a lot of visitors, so "occasional" is actually how often it would be used.)

A sofa, however, I'd really want to test for comfort before purchasing. And case goods is sort of a toss-up; there's not much comfort involved, but I've handled case good that were just yucky "in person" compared to what they looked like in a catalog or on line.


I have purchased a crib online (as well as a travel stroller system) and am very pleased over all with purchasing online. It is more difficult when you cannot physically test out products yourself, but I feel that I can get a pretty good idea about the product when I read the reviews. I always look at the 5 star reviews AND and 1 star reviews. Sometimes I'll look at the 2-4 stars, but I generally get a good feel from the excellent ratings and the poor ratings.


I bought a bed frame and head board online and it turned out ok. It was inexpensive so I wasn't expecting the highest quality. It turned out to be much better than expected.

I wouldn't try to buy anything to "match" something you already own, though. The colors and descriptions are usually off a little.

If you do buy furniture online (or even in the store), make sure to measure the area where you want to place the furniture twice. Or three times. The picture on the web always makes it look smaller or larger than it actually is, so check the dimensions listed on the website and compare it to your space. You'd be surprised how often something looks like it would be just the right size, but it turns out to be way too big or small.


Be careful with buying furniture in store as well. Some stores have a bad habit of substituting something of lower value (this has happened a couple of times to me). The most current happened when I purchased my mattress. I saw/tested everything out at the store, placed the order and had them deliver. What I got was a completely different product/brand. After calling them they tried to feed me a BS excuse saying it was the same product, the other brand was the same just different name, etc.

I would buy furniture online.


I've never purchased online, but my parents got us one of those giant ottoman table things w/flippable lids (something like this: It had great reviews except one moron who rated it 2 stars because of the UPS delivery...people are dumb. Anyways, based on the reviews, we picked it and loved it. It was exactly as described both in pictures, item description and reviews.

That being said, it happens to be a piece of furniture that you don't really sit on, making comfort less of a big deal. When i purchased a new sofa set, I was very glad to be able to sit in all of the options prior to purchasing so we could be sure the sets we liked the look of were comfortable enough for guests in our home.

I'm a bit wishy-washy if I would actually purchase a mattress, sofa, etc. online. It would probably depend on the pricing.


I was looking to buy a bedroom set online. Beware, most places only deliver to your curb, you must take it off the truck, unless you pay quite a bit more. What i ended up doing was printing out what i wanted and took it to a small mom and pop shop. They were able to match the online price (which was 40% cheaper than the big furniture store's "sale" price) and include delivery and setup.


There are very limited reasons I would buy furniture online. First one being if the piece was only available online and has a reasonable price, the other being if I was buying a brand that I am familiar with and know to be a quality product and am unable to get the deal in store somewhere. Typically I need to see the furniture up close and get a feel for it before I'll be willing to invest that much money into something.


I've bought a few furniture pieces online with varied success.
I had good success with PotteryBarn (though their stuff is really overpriced) and CSN (Now Wayfair)
and poor results from Sam's Club.
Others said it best, read reviews, do research, buy from a company with a great customer service department.

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Thanks for the help everyone! It looks like we're probably going to stick to purchasing in-store, but reading reviews and getting ideas online for what type of couch we want while shopping around for prices/locations. :)


It really depends on what it is and which website.
I bought a bed from LL Bean. I know I was getting something good. They delivered and set up for me. No extra charge.
( There was a freight ship, but no bring in the house or set up charge)
I bought a few things from Macy's that worked out well too. ETA : including a couch !

But random sites that I don't know ? Not so much, unless it is some cheap shelves or something little and not much $$ kind of thing.


I bought my couch and dining room table online (at different times) and have been very happy with both. They're both "cargo" type furniture, so pretty basic and very solid (as well as pretty heavy). I would definitely buy that type of furniture online again.