questionsdo you think they will complete the jwst?


I think so. Every other week I see an article on Yahoo about some radial new planetary discovery. That gives me the impression that space exploration is an accepted use of government funding, if not a favored one.

With respect to cuts, maybe the JWST won't be finished by 2018, but I don't think it will be abandoned all together. Especially since there's $8.8 billion already invested. Pull the plug and all that money goes to waste.


@thedogma: They haven't invested that much yet, that's just the expected total cost by the time they complete it. I imagine they have about $1-2 billion invested by now, though. But it wouldn't be the first time they pulled the plug on a project that had $2 billion invested. The SSC project that was supposed to be in Texas had that much when they called it quits.


Sounds like they got the estimate done by one of those guys that works the front desk at a dealership repair bay.

"Yeah, you never told us this needed to be in space, so this is gonna' take a little longer than we thought."