questionsdo screen protectors do any good?


It depends on what brand you are looking at, quality is not the same for all brands. I have been using a ZAGG (highest rated on the market) screen protector for my iPod4Touch for a couple years. I take it everywhere and most often have it while skiing/boarding (40+ days/yr.) and it has held up perfectly. There is no problem using the touchscreen and it cleans up in a sec w/some glass cleaner. I have since purchased a ZAGG screen cover for my iPad3 and am equally satisfied. Recommend highly!


Yes, they have served me well, but just don't spend more on a protector than the costs of the item it protects.


YES!!!!! Resale value ALONE makes it worthwhile.

If you want it to feel as close to the glass as possible, try IQ LiquidShield (I get them from Amazon). Zagg, GhostArmor, or XtremeGuard are thicker and have a bit of tackiness feel to them, but are the best protection.

Here is a sale on XtremeGuard. Use code 85off2 for 85% off if you get one of each. It is impossible to beat the quality at that price


@morriea: Awesome deal!

And I think it's better to spend the extra money to get a quality screen protector too. The cheap $1 ones scratch really easy and pretty useless. Also, I prefer having someone from my carriers store or mall to put it on cause they squeegee it and no bubbles.


I think they make a difference. I know everyone has brands they like. I've tried several and I'm happiest with the ArmorSuit brand. Out of the various ones I've tried, they are the only ones that go on perfectly every single time. I've now got them on all my devices and tablets. They also come with free lifetime replacements which is a nice perk though I've yet to need to replace one, even after a few years of daily use on one older tablet.

Also, here's a little web piece someone did on putting screen protectors to the test and they appear to help in some cases


Even on Gorilla Glass.

I have used a lot of screen protectors, and most of them leave a lot to be desired. However, even most of the cheap ones will protect your screen for a while. I have been very happy with the Skinomi's TechSkin for my tablets. They are expensive ($20-$30), but one has lasted for 2 years and the other a year with no scratches on the last. The tab I have had for 2 years has been smashed on the left bottom corner, but it has not run at all. (Caveat: I tend to be clumsy and and drop/fling/run into things. I am extremely hard on electronics and coffee cups.) I still use both tablets every day, all day long. A lot of people do not like the wet application screen savers, but they seem to last the longest provided that you apply them correctly.


I prefer screen protectors. I like the Matte finish ones. My finger glides better on it than it does on the glass and I find the Matte finish easier to read.


I use a monoprice screen protector on my phone, as it's being carried around all day, and rubbing against other items in my pocket. It definitely helps prevent minor scratches on the screen itself. For my tablet, because it's already in a closeable case, and the screen generally doesn't get touched by anything but my fingers, I don't bother with a protector. But I definitely recommend using a protector for any device you plan to carry around with you. With Gorilla glass, you're unlikely to have any major scratches, but you can still get little nicks and light surface scratches.


@pyxientx: Are you sure, I watched in horror as people were taking keys and knives to phones. The overall results are the displays are fine but the bezel and back need protection.

I googled gorilla glass 3 and hit video.


@caffeine_dude: Yes, I am sure as I have had my TF101 glass scratch. While they weren't bad scratches (more surface really), I found them annoying. It was gorilla glass. I replaced that tablet with the TF201 and bought a screen protector. While the Skinomi did not keep it from shattering on the corner when dropped, it has kept the glass from webbing any further. Furthermore, I have had my TF700 for almost a year now with a screen protector. My daughter asked the same thing as you (or about, anyway) recently. I showed her the TF101 screen and the took off the TF700 screen protector. There were no scratches or chips in the glass on the TF700.

As far as the back cover, I agree that that needs to be protected, too. I keep mine in a RooCase, but there are skins for the back of tablets as well. I don't know how well they work as far a scratches, but they probably wouldn't protect the corners of the tablet if dropped. Sad that I seem to drop my tablet often enough to worry about that.


After seeing your google search: I do not know what Gorilla glass my tabs have, so it is possible that the latest is stronger, but I would still use a protector. I work in sandy conditions, and would not chance it.

FWIW: My watch has a sapphire crystal and it scratches due to sand. I have had it replaced 2 times in 4 years by manufacturer.


I always use a screen protector... It'e relatively cheap and protects against scratches. You have to find one that doesn't feel weird though IMO


I use Skinomi. I really like their screen protectors. And you can scratch Gorilla Glass. I was very sad when I had my Galaxy Nexus in a pocket with a credit card. That scratched the screen, which was supposedly Gorilla Glass 2.