questionsdoes anyone have a good way to dry a tent?


please refer to coffeegirrrl


@neolithicx: better yet, fill it with 700lbs of rice!


I'd set it out in the sun for a while. =)


great suggestions! i will have to remember the upside-down hanging idea...kinda like a topsy-turvy strawberry planter.


Pitch the tent on a hot sunny day with any doors or windows unzipped. Leave it out for a few hours. If you can, before you take it down, flip it over so the bottom of the tent can dry out too. (A lot of moisture gets trapped under the tent)


I went camping quite often with the Boy Scouts, and it seemed to rain every weekend we went... At my house, we set up the tent outside WITHOUT the rainfly attached, if it is super wet. Lay the rainfly out separately so the tent part can dry faster. After it's a little more dry, we take it inside and hang it up from the basement ceiling (rafters with nails and bungee cords) so that it hangs upside down. Again, keeping the tent and rainfly separate. A couple hours later and it is perfectly dry with no mildew.
Good luck!


hang it in the garage and point an electric fan at it. Or beter yet, point the fan so it blows INTO the door of the tent

if it's small, but it in the clothes dryer with NO HEAT, and throw in 2-3 bath towels with it, then every 10 minutes or so, take out the damp towels and replace with 3 more dry ones.


Do not put it in a clothes dryer with heat. You will melt the floor.

Do not put it in a clothes dryer with the poles or stakes it will rip.

Some times a dryer with no heat and tennis balls will work if it is small.

I have set it up upside down on the unfinished basement ceiling.

I have set it up in the yard under a tarp to dry,


@jarmbrecht: Fans help when it's in the garage - just don't let the fan or it's cord get wet.


Maybe I should have put a smiley face afterward - XD


@msklzannie: thats great! i cant believe i missed that...

@niloc225: kudos! i am usually so much better with puns...


@niloc225: Isn't that the exact same thing that @coffeegirrl and @armagedon suggested?


@niloc225: that was my first inclination too since it was so wet, but the lady would like to try to salvage it a last resort though it is kinda fun to pick out a new mobile residence


@coffeegirrrl: it is in the garage now, and not drying quite as quickly as i would like and the ground outside is still kinda wet...great suggestions though, thank you

@armagedon: your suggestions were ok too ;)


I would have said to just pitch it.


I always set it up in my driveway at home with everything open for a day to air it out. It always works for me, although I would suggest a sunny day for it. (Certainly not a rainy one!)

Edit: @coffeegirrrl: You win this round!


We always just set up our tents at home to dry out...if the weather's bad at home also, we just set it up in the garage (it dries much quicker outside than the garage though).