questionswhich one of you killed the shirt.woot catalog?


Don't look at me! - I haven't ordered any shirts since buying the last Fresh Cake from Purplepalooza.

I'm not surprised, though ... they were up to 24-26 business days delivery last week already - even operating two shifts for 16 hours a day, at a rate of 60/shirts an hour for the fastest DTG printer, that's roughly 24,000 shirts.


Boy someone at Woot! is going to have a good Christmas...


Seems like there have been a number of broken sites over the Slightly Better Deals Long Weekend. Maybe this is a new tactic. Get customers to the website, then don't let them buy anything. :)


That was me, sorry.
I bought all the shirts.

j5 j5

I didn't even know they had this option! Dang it!


@narfcake: Sounds like job creation to me. Whether those jobs are for the machines or humans remains to be seen.


Who took the last shirts from the wootie jar. Was it you? Nope, not me. Then who?

I know there are ones that I wanted to order (after the internal argument as to if I like the Anvil shirts or not), but this makes it easy!


@caffeine_dude: I am an innocent bystander. Just minding my own business...


I ordered a couple.....thousand.


I'm not good with making decision... so this makes my life a lot easier... until the catalog come back.