questionshave you tried the new dorito taco?


As a big Doritos fan I can say I was very disappointed :(


I haven't eaten at Taco Bell in almost a decade. I used to love the cheesy gordita crunch, but that's about it.


I checked this question from a few days ago and found some answers.


I don't eat taco bell often, but a coworker bought one for me. It was pretty decent, I would order it again. I don't think I'd get more than one of them, though. It was okay, but not THAT great!


I was really looking forward to it, until I saw the price. When I can get a huge 5 layer burrito for $1, compared to a small doritos taco for $1.29, I couldn't justify even trying it.

It did make me consider buying a bag of doritos and doing a taco bake with them though.


Was became soggy and wasnt what i thought it would be