questionsis there any way to transfer votes that are…


there should be!! every now and then there are deals that get posted over and over in the same 24 hour period (approx.)
with all the votes and comments combined, it would've hit popular. but not spread out like they were. also the comments are usually helpful, they should get rid of the "this is a dupe!" ones though, if merging


@sykotek: Silly, that is from a year ago! Since then they have perfected the spam bot er wootbot. : )
But thanks @sykotek I though it was an original idea.


there are some deals that are blocked from posting because of the website they come from. i've gotten the block several times when posting deals, it's like "Deals from are not allowed here" and you shake your fist then find something else.

there should be a way for the mods to block a specific URL when people keep posting the same item. for example, a few days back there was an item posted by different users 6 or 7 times for something free. they could have a function to block THAT url for the next 12 hours or so.
anyone trying to post that deal would be stopped. it literally does not let you post it.
after 12 hours someone could post it, but since a lot of deals are 24 hours only, like the deal-a-day sites, the initial frenzy would be gone by then.

paging these guys @shawnmiller, @davebug and @josefresno