questionswhen did black friday and cyber monday become a…


The only person complaining is my wallet.

And also, if you read Amazon's Cyber Monday page, you see it goes on for more than just one week, it lasts the entire month:

The Cyber Monday Deals Week page can be found at and will be updated daily through December 3. (December 4 through December 10 the page will be called "Holiday Flurry Deals," and from December 11 through December 23 the page will be called "Top Holiday Deals," but the information below will still apply.) Please keep in mind...

Makes you wonder if these savings are really savings, since no company could sell things at a 70% discount all of the time (except for Art Van, every day is a holiday to them).


Well, if you notice, the % off is actually based on original MSRP. In most cases those items are NEVER sold at that amount. The biggest discounts seem to be like 10% off of Amazon's regular price.


About the time Christmas music started the day after Halloween.


walmart has already added to this nonsense with cyber week


Sites like newegg are still having their "black friday" sales. I dont know why every christmas/holiday season sale has now been labeled either black friday or cyber monday.