questionscan anyone recommend a good magazine for a 12-13…


I think Tiger Beat is still around, that was my favorite magazine at that age.


Some "tween magazines" ('s prices):

-J-14: the #1 teen celebrity magazine - $14.97/10 issues

-Girls Life: a magazine that features true stories about dealing with life's problems, advice columns, how to succeed in school, making friends, peer pressure, recipes, crafts, tips on hairstyles and fashion. - $14.95 for 6 issues - $14.95/6 issues

-Teen Voices: an alternative to fashion conscious magazines, Teen Voices features stories about real girls and the challenges that they face, original poetry, writing, and artwork from teen contributors. - $11.75/2 issues

-New Moon Girls: a multicultural and international magazine that is written specifically for tween girls, focusing on real girls and issues that they face around the world - $34.95/6 issues

*If you have an account (so you can get cash back on purchases), go through there. currently gives 26% back ($3.89 on Girls Life or J-14, $3.05 on Teen Voices, and $9.09 on New Moon Girls) via Ebates.


Well I happen to be a 12-13 y/o girl and I recommend Guns and Ammo or Car and Driver.


@coolphilip04: I'm partial to "Garden & Gun."

@purplefeather: I have not seen one targeted at girls in that age bracket since the original version of "American Girl" magazine. It used to be full of Bonne Bell Lip Smacker and Clearasil ads but not a lot of "how to make a guy like you" or "how to look your sexiest at the beach" articles like Teen Cosmo does these days.


businessweek, it may not be as "hip/cool" as tiger beat to read, but then those same "hip/cool" people will be working for you in 10 years.


Thanks for the recommendations. Some of these are exactly what I'd want, probably. Celebrity gossip and lip gloss ads are okay, "How to Become an Oversexed Teenager in 10 Easy Steps" is not. I'll take a look at a few of these the next time I'm in the bookstore to see which to get.


none. mag are dying. besides looking at pretty figures on those things will only effect her ego. give her facebook and leave her alone. technology will raise them well


Black Just kidding, you could always go with 17


My sisters and I all had subscriptions to the various Cricket magazine variations growing up, but we all love to read. (Or maybe we all love to read because of the subscriptions. Who knows?)

Now that I think about it, I think I'll start my daughter a Ladybug sub...


Magazine? Really? Do they even print those things any more?


Newsweek. Give her a head start on what the world is really like this way she better adjusts in a few years time.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS—the magazine designed especially for children ages 6-14. 10 issues, $15 at National Geographic:

TIME for Kids (but I can't find a single subscription link) has lots of links for stuff like kids' magazines and other kid stuff. They also have a deal-a-day site called, 5% of your purchase goes to the school of your choice. It's worth checking out. I don't have kids but they sometimes have deals or articles I like.