questionssuggestion for emergency items


No offense meant, but you didn't join today just to ask this question, did you? I think this would be more appropriate on another forum. We're just dealers here. Welcome!


We looove to camp... emergency essentials (for us anyway) include water, radio, flashlights, batteries, utility tool with sharp blade, mylars blanks, two lighters, and some type of food. For us, we use keep MRE's in our emergency kit. I am sure I am forgetting some stuff, but it is late....


Gotta have a few good lighting devices.

I recommend two flashlights, one little one that can run forever, and one big one that is really bright when you need a lot of light. Also get a nice little lantern (rayovac makes a really nice one that runs on AA's) and ideally a headlamp as well.


Insect bite salve, or a repellent. I like repellents myself. Prevention is easier than a cure. Happy camping!


Take a machete. It'll help cut up logs, and can be used for protection, should a zombie apocalypse arise while you're camping.


don't forget a basic medical first aid kit. maybe a cell phone to call for help. also a gps or compass to be able to locate where you are/are headed.


Thank you guys!

I am planning to buy those items on-line. Do you have something to suggest? Websites and other on line stores where I can purchase those items?


@jannasimons: is a great site for buying outdoor gear. They have a lot of items that would be helpful for an emergency kit including flashlights, firestarters, first aid kits, navigation aids, water filtration and storage container, food, cooking gear and even toys like kites and playing cards to keep your from getting bored.


Definitely bring Teknu for poison ivy. Lots of bug spray - ticks are especially bad this year. Don't forget basic allergy meds as well if anyone is allergic to pollen or anything.

I also recommend using the glowstick bracelets to mark the tent zipper pulls. It'll help you from fumbling with them in the middle of the night.


@cmaxelson: Glowstick bracelets on tent pulls? DANG! I would never have thought of that. That's also a great idea for our non-camping vacations, since we rent cabins out in the boonies and have to grab a flashlight just to navigate dark hallways.


All of the "emergency items" are available in kits at outdoor stores. All your band-aids/gauze/oinments/burn creams/splints/snake venom suckers/ etc etc etc. I really wouldn't call batteries/flashlights/AM/FM radio/cell phone w/charger/extra food/etc emergency items, but they're something that should be brought.

Other than that, a firearm. Bears are no joke. But you also have to watch out for rouge humans as well. Not kidding.