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I just got a text a few days ago that my claim had been received (about 3-4 weeks after the certified mail delivery confirmation arrived...) so I will be watching this with great interest and a bit of trepidation.


Just out of curiosity, what plan did that rebate form say you had to have and which plan do you have?



The rebate form requires an "unlimited classic plan" and "qualifying data feature". We have a "classic family" plan with a "classic unlimited" data plan, both of which we were assured would qualify us for the freebates.

I was just advised by a snotty chit who isn't yet old enough to shave that the store manager who sold us the phones and plans has been fired for "misleading" customers. The "acting store manager" is going to "review" my situation. Color me skeptical.

I happen to have the area manager's name and number, will be calling him in a few. If I get no love my next stop will be my attorney's office.

Can we all say "bait and switch"?


@aphroat: My girlfriend added a phone to her existing classic family plan and was able to get a $50 rebate. It's not a free phone but it still qualified for the $50. I wonder why yours didn't. Keep us updated because this is interesting.


@aphroat: I have dealt with Customer Service with many different companies over the past years. Any time that the company admits that someone is "misleading customers" and thus had to be terminated, you will get whatever you ask for (within reason). Basically, they've admitted they are aware that someone in the store was telling customers anything they needed to in order to get them out the door with the product. This gives you an in. Tell them that the store manager (and it would be good to have said store managers name) assured you it qualified. If he lied to you, they should be obligated to back that lie anyway (within reason). Losing a little money now to save a customer in such a competitive market is money well spent. They'll make it back in the long run.

I hope you get this cleared up. The good news is that if you don't, you can dispute the charge on your credit card and go to another carrier.

Best of luck and keep us posted.


@cengland0: Right, we had to pay whatever "discounted retail" price at the POS, then submit the rebate forms to receive a cash card with a pre-loaded balance equal to our out of pocket cost, less taxes. I was good with that.

@capguncowboy: I have no doubt that the three clerks in the store today will all have convenient amnesia if queried as to my conversation with the lead clerk. I have a hunch that if I start making noise about "bait and switch" I might get more traction with the local TMob people who have some ability to fix this problem for me. However, if push comes to shove I'll start legal proceedings as well as disputing the charges for the phones.


I am curious about this rebate you speak of...I have a Tmobile friend that is dying to get an SIII as her first smart phone and she can ONLY get Tmobile in her area...
Is the rebate still available?


@webgenie: TMob ran a promo back in November, wherein all Android phones were "free after rebate". They have yet to prove that in my case :\


I am a former T-Mobile customer and I will not go back. Customer service is terrible. They charged me for a full month of service for 3 days into a new billing period when I switched carriers because I "didn't call them first to give them a chance to keep me." When I asked how exactly charging me a full month for 3 days of service was supposed to make me want to be a T-Mobile customer again in the future, the customer service agent didn't have the answer on his script and could only offer an "I guess I don't know."


Get an advance pay plan with whichever carrier suits your fancy (I'm liking Straight Talk atm). Yeah, you have to buy your own phone, but it's still leaps and bounds cheaper in the long run, and you don't have to deal with snotty store reps and rarely have to call CS on the phone. You can either pay by month which is $45, or they'll bundle a year's service together for $495. That was about 3-4 months service for me on a contracted cell.

Best part is, if ever I decide that Straight Talk has cheated me or I'm just unhappy with them, I can simply pick up and leave. No having to talk to the retention department, no early termination fees.


I just got a letter stating that I am ineligible for the rebate because my phone that I bought directly from them over the phone was not activated at an authorized dealer.


@capguncowboy: I spent about 45 minutes on the phone Friday with the regional sales manager for the company that is the authorized Tmob reseller through which we purchased our phones. From his (apparent) willingness to address the problem I have a hunch that I wasn't the first person to call him about failed rebate qualifications. He's supposed to review my paperwork and give me a call Monday. I made quite clear to him that I'm willing to engage representation and to pursue legal remedies, he made quite clear that he'll do what it takes to get my rebates processed.

More news as it develops.

@kellsarah: Call the 877# on the rebate form. They were advertising that "free after rebate" deal all over the website, it's ludicrous that they've now disqualified you. Then do as @capguncowboy suggested - dispute the charge and change carriers.

Idle thought: How many cases does it take to make up a class-action lawsuit?


Same thing is happening with my rebate. I was supposed to get $200 back and now they said the plan I'm on does not qualify. It was the manager of the store who sold me my phone and he even filled out the rebate form for me! T Mobile said I needed to contact him and I can't get him to call me back! Has anyone had this issue resolved? Is there anyone else I can call?


@mancy0322: Go to the store. It will be more difficult for him to dodge you in person. If it's an authorized reseller the name of the company and additional contact information should be posted in the store. Get that info, then start crawling up the food chain - while standing in the store, using your TMob phone. Don't be afraid to use words like "bait and switch" and "fraudulent practices" and "class action lawsuit". Be prepared to dispute the charges with your credit card provider, be ready to engage legal representation and/or to go to small claims court.


Everyone should submit a complaint to the attorney generals office. You can file afraud complaint with them. The complaint will be investigated. If fraud is discovered then the atty general office will file suit against T-Mobile. I have been waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes to fine out why the rebate was denied. The leter is just a form letter.


I boughr the Samsung Galaxy S3 in December when T-Mobile was running a $200 rebate, I extended my contract for another 2 years and have the unlimited talk text and data plan. After I did that and send in the paper work I was
told that I would not get the $200 mail in rebate card that I would get the $200 credited to my account after a year. I
contacted the B.B.B. The store I bought the phone ever told me that could
happen. And I dont think that I should have wait a year to get my credit. Well today I received text stating that a
$200 credit to my account.