questionshave you seen sam's club auctions?


I had not seen it. It's odd that the auctions ending today are basically retail, but there are a bunch ending tomorrow for $1... Are there really that many people bidding on the last day? All the way up to retail prices?


@bsmith1: I noticed that too. I don;t like it that you have to bid to see the shipping. I had expected it would be free shipping to the store but it looks like that's not the case. Maybe it's an attempt to get people to buy Sam's memberships who don't live near a Sam's Club? I'm assuming you have to be a member to bid. I have a Sam's card this year as they basically gave it to me for free, but I don;t expect to be renewing. I get 10x as much use out of my Costco card. It has been good to have both to cause me to really see the contrast. I may register and find something to bid on just to see what the whole experience looks like. I do a lot of business on EBay, but not for the sort of things Sams sells.


This has been there for a long time. I have yet to see a good deal in the entire time it's been running. Last I checked it was about 6 months ago. It was so uneventful as far as deals go that I had forgotten about it until I saw your post.


It's hit and mostly miss. I picked up a TV for $100 less than retail. Lots goes for near retail, some more, some less. I think a lot of people either get carried away bidding or just assume because it's Sam's, it's a good deal.


It has been around for a long time. Something I wanted was up for auction over a year ago so I registered, but I decided not to buy it for some reason and I've never gone back to check it all out.

@moondrake: Glad to hear the comparison between Sam's and Costco. We have never had a Costco in our area but one will be opening in a few months and I look forward to checking it out. Sam's has some items I just can't get elsewhere (my favorite wine, for one) and about a year ago they opened one about 3 miles from my house so I suspect we will continue to shop there, but Costco will be a new experience.

South Louisiana finally enters the 21st century.


@belyndag: 10 Reasons why I like Costco better than Sams:
1. They are closer to my house and their gas is usually the same price as Sams
2. Their roasted chickens are bigger and less heavily seasoned than Sams
3. They have a huge variety of healthy foods, i'd say at least 25% of their stock is aimed at healthy eating
4. They carry organic veggies and upscale meats, along with the regular stuff
5, They carry single and party packs of decent sushi rolls (mostly California rolls) at a very low price
5. They have a great return policy


6. Their baked goods are great (marginally better than Sams which are also great)
7. Their deli has a fantastic and huge hand dipped ice cream bar for $1.50
8. Almost any high-traffic time at Costco will have more samples than at a Sam's special sample event. We sometimes skip lunch after stopping in at Costco to pick stuff up and eating a dozen or more samples.
9. They carry Nature's Domain dog food, a high end dog food made by Diamond for discount sale at Costco.
10. They treat their employees like human beings.

We do like Sams pizza better, though. However I understand you don;t need a membership to buy food at either store's deli.


I'm with @moondrake on the Costco views. Costco just seems cleaner than Sam's; perhaps it's just perception, but Sam's always seems darker and dingier to me. We like their bakery goods, their meat is usually very good, and their employees are knowledgeable and friendly. Perhaps it's because they're treated and paid well, which is actually close to the top reason we shop there rather than at Sam's. (We avoid Sam's and Walmart whenever possible because of their crappy pay and employment policies.)


@magic cave: I almost mentioned the "cleaner and lighter" thing, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. They both have shelves stacked far overhead, and they both have concrete floors and limited natural light. Because they give so many samples, Costco has a trash can about every 15 feet, and it seems like people use them as I rarely see any trash there. I also find Costco's layout more intuitive. It is similar to the layouts at regular grocery stores; bakery, meat department, produce and deli/convenience/gourmet items (sliced meats, sushi, potato salad, cheese) grouped together at the back wall. Non-food grouped on one side of the store, refrigerator/freezer cases and dry goods (cans, bags of chips, etc) on the other. Specialty items like plants in the summer and holiday items fall through spring in the middle. While I sometimes have trouble finding a specific item, I have no trouble finding the section where it should be.