questionswhere can i find a good deal on a sturdy and…


In general, Orchard Supply Hardware "OSH" has carried large selections of those. I'd tend also to look in Sears.


Hey, @tygerdave, long time no see.

I can recommend something sturdy, but it's not particularly attractive.

There's other things you can get that are nice little boxes, but every time I've ever tried one, I end up turning the air blue, and throwing the pieces out, once I'm through venting my displeasure.

Very expensive trash, that second one.


Hmm if you take out the words "a," "garden," and "reel" I might be able to help you. As phrased though, sorry, not my area of expertise.


Have you looked into those garden hose pots instead? It'll pass the decorative aspect, and since it's not a reel, nothing to stick or leak either.


Buy a hose and store it in the garage. Right on top of all your wife's junk that she refuses to throw away.


not sure what you are looking for but they make a hose reel in a box where you can't see the hose at all. if you want one, you better look soon. my hardware stores were clearancing them out as end-of-season merchandise last week.