questionswhat are you getting your dad for father's day…


Does your dad like cookies ? We bought a nice airtight container and filled it w/ homemade cookies, included a note: "Welcome to the Cookie of the Month Club". He returns empty container, it gets refilled. If going out of town they can be popped in the freezer and some put in a bag to munch on the trip.

Other ideas:
Give him a ticket to an event you can go to together. Yes, I know that depending on where you live that can be expensive. But think AAA ball instead of major league, or local concert group, not national tour.
A round of golf, movie tickets, a day fishing -- you'll bring the food & drinks.
If you live nearby, offer to do mow the lawn or do xyz while he is out of town.
Give him a certificate for his favorite home cooked dinner or to take him out to breakfast once a month.
You know your dad's hobby's and likes, be creative. You can fit your budget too.

My dad so prefers to have experiences and time together ( and cookies ) to any more "stuff".
Don't most people ?


I am making my father a pillow that says Happy Fathers day on it! I had made one for my mom and she loved it so much she requested one for my dad. And of course I am getting him his favorite cookies (tradtition!) Have you seen the backtrack parent massage t-shirt that we posted a deal for? It's pretty awesome. If I had young kids still I would rock it all the time.


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What kind of pillow did you make for your mom? The basic behind-the-back for additional comfort while watching TV or reading, or something else entirely?


After my mom passed away, I used to make my dad several quarts of my mom's chili, all in two-serving plastic containers so he thaw them out and have dinner plus leftovers. Without Mom to cook for him, he was inclined to do cookies and milk or PBJs for dinner, so my sister and I did our to keep his freezer stocked as often as possible.

And his Father's Day card was always The Count from Sesame Street. SS was brand new when my son was born, so the two of them ended up watching it every day for quite some time. Dad thought The Count was hilarious, so for years and years he got Count cards as often as possible. If I couldn't find one for the correct celebratory event, I bought what I could and re-lettered them by hand to fit the occasion; it became a family tradition. When he passed away in 1985, I found dozens of them, carefully stored in one of his dresser drawers. I still have them. Wish I still had him, too.


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@magic cave: Double UpVotes for you. My Dad also thought The Count was hilarious. We shared the same (slightly twisted) sense of humor. My Dad passed in 2002.

On the subject of Father's Day: I have always found men very difficult to shop for, whether it was Dad or Grandad, or Uncle. I am usually known as a "thoughtful gift giver", trying to put a personal touch on gifts. But for the men in my family, it always seemed like they got the same thing year after year - a wallet, cologne, socks. I always found it easier to shop for the ladies.

@ceagee: your list of ideas is great!


Hey everyone, thanks so much for your suggestions!

Food doesn't really work because he lives in another state and also he is really into dieting now and wouldn't eat most things I cook.

I have no clothes-making abilities either so that is a no go.

I decided to go with the Miracle Berries. It seems like an unusual gift and I think he may enjoy trying them with my little brother and sister who are both 7.


@portezbie: If you get a chance, let us know how the Miracle Berries turned out. I've been curious about them.


This woot shirt:

Don't overthink it - your parents have even more 'stuff' than you do by now.


My gift for the past 2 years has been treating my Dad to a movie. It works wonderfully: Dad and I get to see a movie (one of our few common interests), and I don't spend money on a physical object he doesn't need.

Since he's into health, have you considered one of those healthy food subscription boxes, such as Nature Box?