questionsis there a useful cool mist humidifer in the $40…


I have a Holmes which is similar to this one:

Mine is several years old, so I can't find the exact model to show you anymore. It's in your price range ($44.99). I've been very satisfied with mine.

Stay away from the UltraSonic ones that blow white dust all over the place.


@hot72chev: The Holmes model was the last one we had that we liked. The only problem with it was that I dropped the tank from only a couple inches and cracked it. The really odd part though is that the cracked tank held water fine - I could fill it up and sit it cracked-side-down in the sink all night and it wouldn't loose a drop - yet I would put it in the humidifier and start leaking like crazy. Their replacement policy was horrid, I could order a new tank for ~$30 and it would take around 2 weeks for the new one to come.

Had I known that every humidifier we would try afterwards would be worse, though, I would have spent the $30 happily. Instead I gave it away on craigslist and bought the Idyllis (which was a massive pile of failure) and then the Honeywell (which isn't very good either).