questionsdid you hear about the new roku streaming stick?


Absolutely outstanding idea, though it's odd they made it attach to an MHL port rather than the more common HDMI... especially given that the newer TVs with MHL ports frequently have streaming capabilities built in.

Nice to see a company doing something that will create fewer boxes underneath my TV rather than more. They better back it up with some kickass software though if they want to survive. With the increase in direct-streaming TVs and streaming video game systems, Roku needs to continue evolving and do something to distinguish themselves.


@novastarj: HDMI doesn't provide power. I would hope that it will be possible by the time this product comes out to get MHL to HDMI/power adapters.


@novastarj: Yeah that's kind of a bummer I have an HDTV from 2007 I don't plan on upgrading any time soon that doesn't have an MHL port. Oh well, guess I'll still with the Roku I just ordered.


@omnichad: That makes sense. Let's hope the adapter is available, because the MHL port is not nearly widespread enough yet.

Kudos to them for taking a chance and being innovators at least.


This would be nice in my bedroom where I have no shelf by my wall mounted tv.

Any idea on what the price might be?


@eeekdageek: The article said between $50-100. But I suppose you read that and were looking for a more specific number. I think for a piece of technology like that $100 would seem pretty expensive, but would probably be reasonable.


Haha... this is crazy.
For the longest time I've been thinking about this.. the first thing I thought when I saw the Roku, was how much smaller it could be.

Even funnier, I was thinking about this exact thing a few hours ago (maybe last night).. I was messing with Netflix on my iPod and thinking about what drove them to pick the design for the Roku case.

My conclusion was that they either significantly decreased production cost by using larger components,
OR they made it that size to resonate better with the consumer's subconscious heh.. and by that, I mean if you make a product too small, some people might undervalue it - things like that.

This is cool though.


@omnichad: I'd almost guarantee they do.. like @novastarj said, MHL is way less common than HDMI.

They'd lose a huge portion of the market if they neglected HDMI-only TV owners (me heh).. Actually, I think the majority of people I know have only HDMI ports

If they go to external power, a USB power adapter would be cool too. That way you could power it through integrated USB ports as opposed to routing it all the way to a wall socket.

[ed] Didn't mean to type a huge paragraph lol


If HDMI doesn't provide power, I don't see how there can be an adapter without a wall plug. I can't imagine them dropping the old format until more MHL equipped sets are available.


@dcalotta: The adapter would probably have a wall plug. But maybe it's mini-usb to wall 5v brick. A lot of TV's have USB ports, so you could possibly piggyback on that instead.


to answer your question: yes i did

i think ill wait for a truckfull to crash on the highway so the @woot monkeys can pick them up :)