questions1st baby coming soon. most useful items to buy…


Don't buy a ton of "newborn" clothes...They will grow out of them fast.

Diapers on the other hand - there is no such thing as too many.

Formula - when the time comes for it, buy it in small quantities till you hit on what they like.


We would have been lost without a baby swing. It came in handy so many times, especially when trying to cook. You can't hold a baby and cook at the same time.

I also really liked a Boppy pillow early on, when breastfeeding. It was the most comfortable for baby and me.


Hey congrats!

To Do:
1) Consumer Reports Online Subscription - helps pick car seat, stroller, etc
2) Sign up for Amazon Mom - Free - you can schedule delivery of diapers and wipes, etc and get a discount. may have a competing service by now.
3) Good Camera
4) Easy to use small video camera - like a Flip. Yes your phone takes videos but they aren't as good and you'll run out of room fast.
5) Start that college fund now - look into 529 plans
6) Find you local kids related consignment sales and see what you can get there
7) If you are doing daycare see if your company has a flexible spending account you can put pre-tax money into to pay for it also a good idea to get on the waiting list ASAP. We looked at some that had an over 9 month long waiting list.

Don't do:
1) Don't spend a ton on newborn anything - your baby may be born too big for them
2) Don't panic
3) No special diaper trash cans
4) No Wipes warmer - suck power and don't work well from what I've been told


Congratulations on the upcoming birth!

First, listen to this as a precautionary tale:

Then, do everything you can to get plenty of sleep before the start of labor, because you'll be running on short supply for the next four or five years. Really.

Plan now for ways to make things simpler and more human-energy efficient, especially for the first several weeks. Try to streamline anything that takes time away from loving your baby and sleeping. (I know I sound a bit hysterical about all this [wry grin], but I know whereof I speak.) If possible, do some advance cooking and freezing of meals; if that's not possible, give yourself permission to eat more ready-made meals than you're used to. If you can manage it, arrange for a cleaning person a half-day a week for a few weeks. Rearrange enough of the house and nursery so that anything you might need is close at hand.



[cont'd] Keep a cute basket of essentials (tissues, baby wipes, a clean hand towel, etc.) in every room; you'd be surprised how much time and energy that can save.

This is a wonderful event for all of you; be lax and lazy about everything you possibly can so you have plenty of time and energy to enjoy your new child and each other!


When you pack a diaper bag for trips, no matter how short, include a fresh shirt for yourself.

Trust me on this one :-)


@ohcheri: we packed a change of clothes for each parent, plus an extra towel or two.

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This is not really advice on a purchase to avoid or get but rather some general advice. Do not let your baby control you. Try to think of your child like training a new dog. Don't get mad a me, I know they are much different, but the only way your child will learn is by example until he/she is old enough to tell you what is wrong. With that being said, go with your gut on any things your not sure about. One thing that helped us with our second child was letting him sleep on his stomach. Many people will tell you this is a NO-NO and I would agree while they are very small. But after a few months they should be able to sleep on their stomachs. It was the only way our little boy wold sleep at all. Just be smart about the blankets and other stuff in the baby's crib when they are sleeping. congrats and good luck. Dont forget to have fun! You'll get used to little to no sleep, trust m......zzzzzzzzzzz :)


Got a similar unit bundled with a non-contact thermometer for my cousin when her son was born 2 years ago, This one Form Kids.woot:

before that i was getting folks the thermometer pacifiers.
similar to these:


The top things I can recommend:
1 - a little baby chair that vibrates. It's calming and soothing for him/her.
2 - a baby wipe warmer. It doesn't seem like much and even a waste/1st world problem but put yourself in your baby's position - getting lower area wiped with a cold wet towel.
3 - baby bottle sterilizer. We have the Phillips version. They have a microwavable one as well. Some have argued that it's a waste and that food itself isn't sterile but that falsely assumes all bacteria and germs are the same. Plus, it makes cleaning the bottles so much easier and faster.
4 - Costco/Target Red Card - Costco for the wipes and diapers and Target Red card gets you 5% off everything, free shipping, and longer warranty.

Dont' worry if you kid doesn't like being swaddled - my 3.5 yr old god-daughter hated it as well as my 7 mo old son. And some don't sleep on their backs but on their side, stomach and butt up.


temporal thermometer ... just rub across the baby's forehead to get the temp. As first time parents, we were paranoid of everything and were always taking her temp. If we had to do it the "old fashioned' way, we'd have gone crazy. We have

fisher price rock n play sleeper -- great for baby naps or when you want a minute to yourself.. it rocks and baby can nap while you go on facebook, er woot.

Lastly, a nosefrida snotsucker. yes you read that right, a snotsucker. Works so much better than that bulb thing you get at the hospital. Takes some getting used to but man you can get rid of so much snot with this thing :) Aspirator/dp/B00171WXII

Good luck, oh , and keep someone that you can call and ask questions on speeddial!


oh one more, if you're going to allow a pacifier (and let's face it, even if you don't plan to allow the baby to use a pacifier, if they want one, they'll get it)... I recommend a wubbnub.. they're so cute and easy for baby to hold on to. Less likely to be lost/dropped. etc.

although, you may get one as a shower gift...



Two items you wouldn't necessarily think about but that made our lives so much more pleasant:

1. Travel changing pad. We loved this one: You never know what the conditions are going to be when baby needs changing. I used this in restrooms, at parks and in our living room when I was too tired to walk to the nursery. It has a mesh pocket for a few diapers, a pocket with a refillable wipes box and a zip pocket on the front.

2. Wearable baby carrier. Baby Bjorn is most well known but we loved this one: We used this a ton to take our son to sports, concerts, on walks with our dog, when he wanted to be close but we wanted two hands. It rocked for travel, too- we took our son across the U.S. and Mexico- he was close to us and we didn't need a stroller.

Good luck!


I kept this list to our top 10 life savers for the first 8 months.


waterproof pads for the changing table. It really made a difference when there was an accident. Just take the pad off and wash it, not the entire changing table pad.


I have had many friends that have said tactical bags are the best diaper bags. They have plenty of pockets for ammo, I mean, bottles; they are rugged, easy to clean, and look awesome! My buddies recommend the S.O.E. Gear bags or the Maxpedition Versipack.


Invest in a good quality baby carrier. Quality is key to taking pressure off of your back and making it comfortable for both you and baby. Baby Bejorn is a good one. You can even get a used one from Craigslist. Doesn't have to be new. You can even get one a few years old. The only thing they change are colors not really design.

Also, I wish I knew that buying a used breast pump was acceptable. You can get a used one and just get new tubes and cups. The big thing is the machine that pumps the milk which doesn't have milk contact at all. I spent over $200 on a new one when I could have spent $75 on a slightly used one.


Skip the Diaper Genie and baby wipe warmer


Now that it has been a few months, I was wondering how it is going being a new parent? have any of the responses helped any?