questionsdo you have any suggestion for an ergonomic…


I've got a Microsoft Natural mouse 6000. It's Awkward to use at first but is very comfortable for the long haul. After using it you can really tell how painful it can be at times to lay your hand flat on a regular mouse. Amazon has it for 55.99. The wide world of deals.woot might be able to find a better price. But at 55 its worth every penny.


I have Osteoarthritis in my hands among other places. I have tried all kinds of mice both wired and USB. The wired one's pull from the wire. I found most of the wireless (USB) one's too heavy feeling.

A few weeks ago I saw the M$ Arc mouse touch on here, but by the time I researched it and decided to try it, of course it was sold out. I decided to look for it again a couple of days latter and ended buying it from . I paid $30. for it and also got the Arc keyboard with it for $35. I have checked back since then and they are sold out.
You have to really take the time to look around for it at a decent price. I saw them up to $50. or higher. Even though they are worth it.

My point is, this is the best mouse I have ever used. It is light as a feather even with two AAA batteries in it. It will take time to get used to it because there is no "wheel" to it, just a metal strip which you flick very gentle with your finger tip. It's great. I also think the keyboard is easier to use.


@computiac: Really? We are still using $$ for microsoft. Shame on them being a for profit company that makes good products. They should be a not for profit and give away all their products for free. /sarcasm


Check out the offerings at They have ergonomic mice but in particular they offer a couple versions of the RollerMouse. This unit is a keyboard wrist rest that gives mouse control features without the mouse. It exceeds your budget ($200 new), but one can find them on Ebay cheaper. I just acquired one and so far I like it.


@dreamyvelvet: I like the shape on that (and I've used something similar, also from Logitech), but personally I've always had problems with the weight of wireless mice. That one looks like it takes 2 AA batteries. Something rechargeable with a Li-Ion battery would probably be lighter-weight and easier to move.

You could also try something like a trackball:


Although the RollerMouse I mentioned earlier is probably your best solution, I will second the trackball suggestion. I definitely prefer them to mice. There are a lot of differnt versions of trackballs and one should really try one out before buying one as they all feel different- there are some I hate. Find a store (Fry's, Best Buy) for a touchy-feely run. Unfortunately, I doubt you'll find a RollerMouse to play with before buying.


I've been using the 3M (joystick-looking) ergonomic mouse which I initially got through my job, suggested by a company ergonomic specialist who conducted a study of my workspace.

Link here:

I had wrist and middle/ring finger weakness in my dominant (right hand) which was attributed to the early stages of carpal tunnel. Within a week I no longer had weakness. I find I only start feeling weakness again if I've been using normal mouses to much at home. I am thinking about getting one of these mouses for my home office as well. Last time I checked this mouse was in the $50-60 range on e-bay.

Hope this helps!


@nortonsark: Thank you. This was what I was looking at, and the one I got for my father (he earned his right at his age for me to buy him anything). But I can't get myself to spend that much.

I will go to Ebay and see if I can score one for less; and those vertical mouse, too, looks promising.

Thank you very much. Any other choices out there?