questionsmy first time in the #1 spot!


Congrats! And now you also get into the club of getting a downvote from me for making a non-question about the leaderboard!


While the post technically contains a question, I think what @kmeltzer is saying is you should have asked something like:
1. how long will I stay there?
2. what should I do next now that I've reached the top?

We are as always, here to help.


@inkycatz: Technically, if I put in "My first time in the #1 spot!" as a question, the system says: "WOULD YOU MIND PHRASING THAT AS A QUESTION?" So, it's not a question at all.

But, yes... actually making it a question as the "warning" asked would have at least been good :-)



Your #1 Top Spot King of the World Kit will be arriving soon.

Contents will include:

1) Top Spot Medal (plastic actually, but go with it).

2) Full color poster of the leaderboard for that day. (A framed edition can be had $229.95)

3) a mandatory Top Spot Enrollment form which needs to be completed, and includes monthly club dues of $3.99 a month for being a Top Spot recipient (but this also includes a one-time $5.00 Jumbowoot anytime coupon - exclusions apply).

4) a signed photo of any member of the wOOt staff that you request.

Again, Congratulations.


In all honsety I think something went awry with the leaderboard. I am, somehow, in the #13 spot and I definitely contribute way less than most. Congratulations though.


haha Thanks guys.

And we can make any sentence into a question, so I really don't see the point in being picky about it. :-)


I remember my first time as #1...but in all seriousness, great job!


I just broke the top 1000. I think that's a first for me. Going for the number one spot? Who me? Hahahaha!

Congrats to you @firebirdude. That's pretty cool.


Don't forget your dues are due before the end of the month, the drinks are on you, and I hope you did what the rest of us did when we hit it: take a screen shot!


Congrats buddy!!! You're still there too. I bow before you my leader. ;)