questionswho hates bed bath & beyond?


There isn't a whole lot in this world that I "hate". Child molesters, racists and people who physically abuse others top the list. Retail establishments, not so much...


I kind of like BB&B. They have all those "As seen on TV" items at about 1/4 of the price advertised on TV. I have never had anything shipped from them though. With those 20% off coupons, you can get some great deals there. But, I can believe that some of their regular prices may be a little high (I always find them to be similar in price and quality to Target).


Ive had no bad experienced with BB&B. I have one a mile from my house so I don't bother with online orders from them. Local store has great sales from time to time.


I don't usually shop there because I do think they tend to be overpriced. Most of the time their 20% off coupons just make their prices reasonable compared to other stores. However, occasionally they have an item that I can't find anywhere else so I do appreciate that (example: pie crust shields).

I did have a surprising positive customer service experience there recently. I needed two of this garbage can:
and they didn't have this color/shape in stock. I also was bummed because couldn't find my 20% off coupon when I left the house that morning. The guy who helped me placed an order to have the two cans shipped directly to my house with free shipping and he gave me the 20% off on BOTH of the garbage cans! It turned out to be a better deal than anything I could have found online!!


I have never had a problem with them. They have some unique items and when I use their coupons, I get pretty good deals.


20% off coupon plus their clearance island makes for a good deal.


I got this Universal Remote control that controls the universe there but I am thinking of returning it because it is a prototype....


I really don't care enough about stores to put in the effort to hate them.


I guess my bad experiences there were not the norm as I had assumed... maybe I should give them another chance.


@luvche21: I think your experience more closely matches the norm. Myself, I hate Walmart.


I hate Bed Bath and Beyond I applied for a job at two location never heard a word from one and the other the store manager was a complete bitch to me during the interview. It seems like all that company does is hire people who are bitches . I agree there prices are way to extreme . I will never set foot in that store ever again .