questionswhen looking at tablets what features should i…


It depends on what you are looking for.

For me it is battery life, screen size, total memory, storage space, screen resolution.

And I would recommend you stick with a supported tablet so you get official Android OS updates.


I honestly believe you are going about this backwards. Decide what you want to do first. This determines what features become important. For example, I like HD when reading, but it is unnecessary for web browsing. Do you have access to WiFi when you will be using the tablet? Then 3G/4G become an unnecessary expense. Generally, 1GB of RAM is sufficient for most uses, but if you play resource intensive games, get 2GB. Will you need to keep a large number of files, music, movies, etc. on the tablet? Get expandable storage (microSD slot). Is portability important? Get a smaller tablet (I prefer the larger screens). Do you Video Call? Front Camera. Do you need a rear camera? Will you be using it as a GPS? Are you tech savvy? Official updates become less important (rooting and custom ROMs are available for many tablets).

There are other considerations, but this is a start.