questionshave you guys seen the changes to whispernet for…


I never use my kindle to browse the web or the kindle store I suspect it would be a painful experiance.


It doesn't bother me. When I first got the Kindle, I did a search of the Kindle store using the keyboard, just to see how it worked. It did, but it was a painful process I don't want to repeat, since I can search faster and easier on the computer. Same with accessing my gmail account. I did it once to see how it worked, but am not masochistic enough to want a repeat. As for the rest of the web - um, no. I wouldn't try to play the piano wearing boxing gloves, and I don't want to browse the web with a Kindle.

However, since I can easily access my Wish List from the Kindle Menu, I sometimes buy a new book from my list while lounging in my chair on the back porch, rather than getting up and walking the 150 feet to the computer.


I use the Kindle Ap on my PC.