questionshow to get my money back from onecco?


Please, please, please tell us you used a credit card? If you did you are safe. Call them (today) and file a dispute. Explain what happened, and be sure that you are able to tell them (in specifics) the ways that you have attempted to work through the vendor to get satisfaction. Include numbers and dates of emails, and numbers (with dates and times) of attempted phone calls. You will get your money back.

If you used PayPal, you are kind of screwed. Open a case with PayPay. I have a feeling that eventually you will get your money back. But it is going to take several months.


It's funny. After not hearing anything for weeks, I called the bank to open a dispute. The next day I got an e-mail from Onecco saying they're issuing me a full refund. Lesson learned for next time!