questionshow did you observe national u.s. constitution…


Out of gratitude to our forefathers I exercised most of my rights.


@magic cave, I missed it altogether, but wanted to say thank you for doing that. I can't believe someone had a problem with it, makes you wonder where peoples heads are at. You weren't dressed like Lady Gaga and handing them out at church? Or at a Klan Rally? Or dressed as a hardcore punk rocker, and handing them to toddlers? I highly doubt it. Carry on then, carry on.


I watched a Doctor Who marathon on Netflix. I guess that could be considered American, seeing as how I'm helping out capitalism by paying $8/month for a membership and whatnot. Also, I received a pay stub in the mail, showing how much money Uncle Sam was getting and I didn't get all mad at him.


@pickypickypicky: Thank you for your thank you; it really is a pleasure to do it. I work for a very large, fairly conservative credit union. The first year I did the give-away I just sent emails to a few co-workers about it and asked them to let folks in their work-units know about it. Gave away about 80 that year. The next year was closer to a 100, and the following year was about 120. People either came by my desk to pick them up or I threw them into inter-office mail.

The credit union has a policy prohibiting soliciting (no Girl Scout cookies, PTA candles, etc.) but no one could tell me exactly why I was being asked not to off free patriotic literature. I hunted carefully to find booklets that didn't "advertise" any organization or propagandize in any way. [shrug] It worked out okay, though; I still mention to friends that I have extra copies, and word gets out just fine.


@magic cave: I would think that any company's aversion to distribution of pocket constitutions would be based on the point of view that the constitution has become a highly politicized topic. While Bush was in office many Democrats repeatedly accused him of shredding and ignoring it, just as many Republicans are saying that Obama is doing now.

Beyond that there are people who believe the phrase "promote the general welfare" justifies such programs as the EPA, Medicare and the Dept. of Education, without clarifying those programs specifically. Some say that the right for anyone to own and carry weapons is guaranteed while others say that is not entirely true due to the provision regarding the "well-regulated militia."

I could certainly understand an employer who would want to avoid potentially divisive arguments that could affect productivity and foment disharmony among the staff. Employers have the right to control what goes on in their workplace. (The constitution say so, right?)